All kinds of computers and digital products that modern people use every day have a great impact on skin aging. What should computer people do if they want to maintain their skin and say goodbye to “computer face”?

How to say goodbye to a “computer face”?

Most people are used to the life of “work computer office, go home online and relax”. But few people realize that the computer is actually a “gentle knife”, which makes people grow old secretly in advance. Du Changming, deputy director of Dermatology of Nanjing Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital, reminded that as long as you spend more energy on some small details of life, you can easily say goodbye to “computer face”.

The dust in the air will attach to the surface of the object, especially after long-term contact with the computer, the static electricity will absorb the dust floating in the air, increasing people’s contact probability. If not cleaned in time, these particles and dust will be hidden in our pores, resulting in the effect of “electrostatic cleaning”, especially in the hot summer, making the face more and more dirty, and prone to acne. Therefore, it is recommended that you wash your face after using the computer for about 3 hours, pat and scrub your face with clear water. If possible, you can thoroughly clean your face with a small irritant cleanser before you leave work. For office workers who often face computers, the effect of ordinary face washing is limited, so that pores are blocked for a long time and can not be metabolize normally.

In addition to cleaning the face, we should also pay attention to ensure that the screen is clean. Before starting the machine every day, wipe the screen with a clean fine flannelette to reduce the probability of dust adhering and floating into the air. Computer radiation can easily lead to dry skin. On the desk, you can put a bottle of toner, moisturizing spray, etc., often replenish the face to prevent water loss.

This is how to say goodbye to computer face for your popularization. For our skin health, please remember these methods! If you have any questions about children’s home-based knowledge such as electric shock prevention, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s electric shock prevention common sense column.