TV dependence refers to the symptom that watching TV for a long time leads to the decline of cognitive ability in normal life. Children are most prone to the above symptoms because of their poor self-control ability. So how to stop children’s dependence on TV?

How to stop children’s dependence on TV

Most families have a headache about watching TV for their children. In fact, TV programs are very interesting. If you want children to get rid of the temptation of TV only by self-control, I’m afraid it’s unrealistic.

If you want your children to spend all their time watching TV reading, first of all, parents should stay away from the TV. It is far more effective for parents to set an example than to nag in their children’s ears all day long.

We can often see such a scene, the Father himself lying on the sofa, using the remote control on his hand to change the stage back and forth, but his mouth yelled at the child: “go to school quickly!” “Look at your record!” I think it’s the worst way to educate.

Although television is not a good medium for children’s learning, but parents take what they can’t do to force their children, will only encourage children’s rebellious psychology and weaken their enthusiasm for learning.

There are also such parents who don’t watch TV in front of their children during the day, but when the children go to bed at night, they go to the living room and turn on the TV, enjoy it by themselves, and think that “as long as the children don’t see it, it’s OK.”. Although this approach is better than the former, it is still problematic.

I think it’s better for children to feel their parents’ sincerity than to force them to give up the habit of watching TV. It’s better to teach them to enjoy the fun of learning and to teach them to have fun.

Many parents think that watching TV is useless, so they force their children to stay away from TV, so they fall into war with their children every day. However, forcing children to do things will lead to negative effects.

If they can’t watch TV at home, the children will go to their friends’ houses and neighbors’ houses to watch it. No child is 100% obedient. Especially now students are more addicted to computer games than TV.

Around me, many parents complain that their children are poisoned by computer games and can’t help themselves. As a result, they remove the computer from their home, but this does not mean that they can help their children get rid of their addiction to games. Out of the house, the Internet bar is still waiting for them.

In this case, we have to admit that nagging doesn’t work at all. What you need to do is to bring them into a new field of activity, so that they can not only absorb knowledge nutrients, but also feel the joy in the game.

Therefore, what Xiaobian wants to say is whether to get rid of the phenomenon that children rely on TV or to see how parents guide them, hoping that parents can set an example! Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!