With the continuous increase of household electrical appliances, the current is also increasing. At the beginning, the load of pre installed electrical lines in the construction is increasing. Switches, sockets and lines are often burned out. Various fire accidents happen from time to time. In order to prevent accidents and ensure the normal life and safety of electricity, Baibai safety net will talk about how to use electricity safely in the family. To know is to save lives!

Common sense of household electricity safety

1. No overload. The total current of the household electrical equipment shall not exceed the maximum rated current of the watt hour meter and power line.

2. Install the protector. Household electricity must be equipped with over-voltage trip and leakage trip dual function protectors, so as to automatically trip and cut off the power supply in case of leakage of household appliances, personal electric shock, too high or too low supply voltage, and protect the safety of people and equipment.

3. The shell of electric equipment shall be connected to neutral reliably. The grounding jack of the three core socket must be connected with reliable protective neutral (ground) wire, and the grounding pile head of the three core plug must be connected with the iron shell of the electric equipment reliably. In order to prevent the insulation breakdown of the electric equipment or the electric shock caused by the electrified shell.

4. Control the product quality. All power equipment (wires, knife switches, protectors, plugs, sockets) and household electrical equipment shall be products manufactured by the manufacturer designated by the state and qualified in technical quality inspection. Counterfeit products with “three certificates” cannot be purchased cheaply.

5. The installation and wiring meet the requirements. The power socket shall be installed 1.6m higher than the ground to prevent electric shock and ensure the safety of children. The temporary power shall not be connected randomly. It shall be removed immediately after use.

6. Do not use substitutes. It is not allowed to replace the fuse with copper wire, aluminum wire and iron wire; it is not allowed to replace the power line with the signal transmission line; it is not allowed to replace the insulation black tape with the medical white tape; it is not allowed to replace the self-made electric heating pad and other substitutes with the enameled wire.

7. Power off immediately in case of any abnormality. In case of abnormal voltage rise or abnormal sound, smell, temperature, smoke and fire light of the electrical equipment during use, the power supply shall be cut off immediately, and then the inspection or fire fighting shall be carried out.

8. Develop good habits. It is required to cut off the power supply for people, cut off the power switch, touch the back of the shell with hands, cut off the power supply for maintenance and inspection, and have obvious cut-off points for power-off.

9. Don’t use wet hands to touch the electrical equipment such as light ports, switches and sockets, and teach children not to play with electrical equipment.

10. It is strictly prohibited to touch live objects or wipe charged household appliances with damp cloth on the wet ground.

11. Electric appliances such as light bulbs and electric irons shall not be close to inflammables to prevent accidents due to long-term use or unattended use.

12. The outdoor antenna of TV set shall be far away from the power line and not higher than the lightning rod.

13. During the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment at home, the power supply shall be disconnected, and live working is strictly prohibited for non electrical workers.

14. The electrician with the operation certificate of special operation personnel issued by the national labor department shall be responsible for regular maintenance and repair, and the fault shall be removed in time if found.

In case of electric shock, first try to disconnect the power supply (in case of electric shock at height, prevent the person from falling) and then give first aid. The main method of first aid for the unconscious person with electric shock is to immediately carry out artificial respiration, and quickly ask the doctor to the scene for examination and treatment. It is strictly forbidden to inject a cardiotonic needle.

Therefore, we should remind you that it is a good habit to disconnect the power supply after using the appliance, and it is better to unplug the plug, which is beneficial and harmless. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.