Baby bathtub is specially designed for baby bathing. You can use the baby bath to clean your baby without worrying too much about safety. Some bathtubs have intimate details that add to the fun of bathing. And when the baby is older, it’s time to use the big tub, so how to use the big tub to bathe the baby? One second teaches you!

How to adapt the baby to the bath

Most small bathtubs are not suitable for babies between 3 and 16 months old, so it’s time to start using adult bathtubs for them. If you are worried that the baby will be scared by this kind of big bath, you can use the small one next, but when you use it, put the small one in the big one, and the big one can be empty until he is used to the big one.

It’s more difficult to bathe a baby in a big bath, and you must hold the baby’s arm until he can stand on his own. Don’t bend over to bathe the baby. Your back will hurt. You should kneel beside the bath and put all the things you need on the floor beside you. Put a plastic suction pad at the bottom of the bath to prevent the baby from slipping inside. Don’t put it less (no deeper than 10-13cm). It doesn’t need a lot of water to let the baby who keeps writhing and kicking slip in the water, so you must pay attention to it all the time.

Remember never to leave the baby alone in the bath for a moment, or even turn around and do something else in the same room. If the phone rings, either ignore it or pick it up with the wet baby. Even if it’s only a second, it’s not worth taking the risk.

As the baby grows up, he will spend more and more time crawling on the floor, so he needs to take a bath more often, which will become a part of daily life. At that time, he would no longer be afraid to take off his clothes and feel safe in the water.

In fact, he’s probably already in love with bathing. Therefore, your responsibility is to make bathing a happy and trouble free thing. When the baby is able to sit up, he will be given a period of time to take water and play with toys when he is almost finished bathing. Prepare some boats, ducks, sponges or cups for him to play with and see what they can do.

Xiaobian suggests that the baby does not need to take a bath every day, but once or twice a week is enough. But the diaper area needs to be cleaned every day, as do some sweaty areas. If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!