Most babies like to play with water. The reason why they are reluctant to wash their hair may be that they have had an uncomfortable experience. For example, when washing your hair, water splashes into your eyes or ears; when the water temperature is too high or too low, these uncomfortable feelings will make your baby afraid of washing his hair. So, how to wash the new baby’s hair? It’s very simple!

How to wash the hair of the new baby

It is not necessary to wash the newborn baby’s hair every day like bathing. It can be arranged flexibly according to the season. In summer, it is better to wash it every 2-3 days. In winter, it can be extended to once a week. It is better to arrange the time before bathing. Older babies can wash their hair while bathing in summer.

In the new born days, the metabolism is vigorous, and there is often fat or fetal fat accumulated on the scalp, which will form a layer of milk scab at the front fontanelle of the baby. If this scab is not cleaned in time, it will be a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites. Therefore, the baby should wash his hair frequently to keep his head clean and avoid sores, which is also conducive to the growth of hair.

The scab on the newborn baby’s head doesn’t need to be removed specially. Just wash the baby’s hair naturally, and the scab will fall off naturally. If the scab is very hard, apply some hot vegetable oil properly, soften it, comb it out with a comb, and then wash it with shampoo. Because the baby’s hair is thin and the skull is not yet fully developed, so you must be careful when washing your head.

When washing the hair, adults can sit on a small chair, hold the baby’s body under the armpit with their left arm, hold the baby’s head with their left hand, make it face up, and support his head on the top of the bathtub with the same hand at the same time, tilt the baby’s head down slightly. Use the other hand to scoop out water to wash the baby’s head, and try to avoid water flowing into the baby’s ears and eyes. When shampoo, do not use soap generally, can use baby shampoo at intervals, once or twice a week.

After washing, gently wipe the water on the head with a soft dry towel, dry the ears with absorbent cotton, and remove the splashed water in time. If you want to wash your baby’s hair with shampoo, gently wash it and use plenty of warm water to clean it. He was still swaddled to keep the baby from catching cold.

Finally, we can choose children’s shampoo hat or swimming mirror to avoid discomfort to the baby. If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!