We are used to sleeping comfortably in bed after taking a bath every day. It has been found that any activity that causes the temperature of human body to rise before going to bed may affect people’s normal sleep. Because only when the body temperature drops to a certain temperature, will you fall asleep safely. In this article, we will talk about “hydrophilic baby” sleeping well, and remember to take a bath before going to bed.

It turns out that “hydrophilic baby” sleeps well

Shuner (pseudonym) was born in the cold winter, but the temperature in the hospital remained above 20 ℃. Every morning at 8 o’clock, he would be carried away by his nurse and aunt to a big bathing room full of childlike fun.

Grandma followed the nurses and aunts to see, all the newborn babies lined up to put on lifebuoys one by one and put them into the warm water pool. One nurse washed the baby with a shower head, and the other quickly powdered and dressed the baby. In the skilled and quick technique of the nurse, the babies cried heartily without exception. Grandma shun’er complains, “can you wash it up like this? Don’t let the baby cry.” But an hour later, when shun’er returned to his mother, we immediately found out the effect of bathing on the baby. He slept soundly that night!

After leaving hospital a week later, Shuner’s mother turned on the air conditioner and heater in her room. Although it can insulate herself from the cold outside, the room temperature can’t be compared with that in the hospital, at most it is about 15 ℃. Therefore, grandma firmly disagreed with bathing the baby, saying that the baby’s cleaning is small and the frozen disease is big. So, another week, shun’er didn’t take a bath.

By the third week, shun’er began to cry in the afternoon without any reason. Shun’er’s mother was upset by the baby’s quarrel, thinking that the baby would not sleep, so it’s better to bathe him. Use the heater with the bath master, and the temperature in the bath room can barely reach 20 ℃. First, pour a few drops of baby bath liquid into the bath, then enlarge half of the bath water, and then put the baby into the water gently held horizontally by shun’er’s mother. Shun’er started to grab his hands in the air in horror, but when his little butt was immersed in the water, and his aunt washed his body with a showerhead, he immediately calmed down, and his hands naturally reached into the water. Afraid that the baby will catch cold, the mother covers the baby’s abdomen with a towel. The whole bathing process only takes 5 minutes.

After taking a bath, he fed shun’er milk. Soon he fell asleep. This sleep lasted for three hours. Before that, the baby could only sleep for two hours at most. Happy grandma is no longer opposed to bathing the baby, but also passed on the experience to the grandmother of the baby next door: “the baby who bathes every day sleeps soundly!”

Advice for Moms

Water bath, such as face washing, foot washing, body washing, shower and washing, can clean the skin, prevent skin diseases, improve the brain’s ability to regulate the body temperature, enhance the physique, bathe the baby before going to bed, and make the sleep more fragrant, which is conducive to the growth and development of the baby.

The new baby should take a warm bath. The room temperature is above 20 ℃, and the water temperature is about 35 ℃. According to the baby’s adaptation, the water temperature should be lowered by 1 ℃ every 2-3 days. For infants and weak children, the water temperature can be gradually reduced to about 26 ℃ ~ 28 ℃, and for older children, the water temperature can be reduced to about 22 ℃ ~ 24 ℃, which can be maintained later.

The newborn baby should be careful not to catch cold in the abdomen, and cover the abdomen with towel when bathing.

Bathers should dip a soft towel in water to wipe the baby’s left and right upper limbs, lower limbs, chest, abdomen and back in turn. Pay attention to the gentle movement. Dry it with a dry towel, put on baby lotion, and then put on clothes. The whole process is about 5-6 minutes.

In addition to warm water bath, the baby who is full of one year old can have a proper cold shower and swimming in summer. The water temperature starts from 33 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, and then decreases by 1 ℃ every 2 ~ 3 days. The water temperature of smaller children can be reduced to 20 ℃, and that of older children can be reduced to 17 ℃ ~ 18 ℃. Cold water can be used to shower the whole body, but do not shower the head. The flushing time is about 20-40 seconds. After drenching, you can use a dry towel to dry the water, and then dry wipe to make the skin red. It can enhance children’s muscle strength and cardiopulmonary function, and prevent cold.

Bear in mind the above baby bath tips, can let the baby in the clean at the same time, safe and assured bath. If you have any questions about children’s health habits and other home-based knowledge, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s personal health and safety common sense column.