Although the baby’s skin is delicate and always looks watery, it also needs to be cleaned frequently. Especially the baby’s face, because the facial features are open organs, the skin is more sensitive, so we must pay attention to the gentle cleaning action. Most of the intimate work of washing the baby’s face is done by the mother, so the following skills and methods can be learned by the mothers! I have a wonderful way to care for the baby’s face!

First, develop good skin in advance

To prevent the baby’s skin from becoming dry and chapped due to the cold, the most basic thing is to exercise the baby’s ability to resist the cold. This is a good way to cure the symptoms and cure the root cause. The baby with good constitution and resistance will also get better skin. On a sunny winter day, don’t stay at home and be lazy. Take your baby with you to enjoy the sunshine in winter and breathe fresh and cold air. If the baby can adapt to the temperature, let the baby show his hands and small face eggs to adapt to the change of the external environment temperature. The oxygen ion in the cold air is rich, which can enhance the vitality of tissue cells, greatly promote the health of the body and accelerate the blood circulation. However, never exercise when you are hungry or full!

Second, try to wash your face and hands in cold water

This is an exercise method that needs to be carried out by the baby since summer. Wash the baby’s face with cold water every day. Insist on training. It can improve the baby’s cold resistance and immunity, and prevent cold and cough. Pay attention to these cold exercises, we must start from a young age, step by step, let the baby gradually adapt to Oh!

Third, feel the vitality of sports

Exercise is the best way to keep out the cold. It not only has zero capital, but also can let the baby enjoy it. When the winter sun is right, you can take the baby out for a walk, and you can do some moderate sports, such as jogging, fast walking and other sports with appropriate intensity, so that he can jump and jump. However, if the baby sweats after exercise, be sure to dry to avoid cold.

Fourth, eat scientifically and have good skin

A nutritious and reasonable diet is not only good for baby’s growth, but also effective for skin care. Foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and carotene can effectively promote skin metabolism. Fruits and vegetables, for example, are rich in nutrients. In addition, they are dry in winter. Every day, the baby must drink plenty of water to supplement enough water. Warm water is the best choice.

Fifth, non irritating skin cream

Moisturizing cream used for baby must be pure natural without irritation, no fragrance is absorbed quickly, and no greasy can be used for newborns. Before buying it, new mommy may feel it personally. Before using it, suggest that mummy should try it at the baby’s ear root before giving it to the baby if there is no hypersensitivity.

&These are the steps that Xiaobian introduced to you about how to wash your baby’s face. I don’t know if you learned it after reading it? If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you