Baby is more than 1 year old. He often bathes in summer, but now he doesn’t want to lie in the bathtub and let us wash his hair. He just wants to sit in the bathtub and wash his body, but he doesn’t want to meet. What should I do? If you want your baby to wash his hair, you’ll have a trump card.

I want my baby to wash his hair

Come and help to find out the cause and relieve the symptom. First of all, do you show your child in advance that he has used the “tearless formula” shampoo?

Then, remember why the child didn’t wash his hair in the past. You will find that the main reason is that you are afraid of water flowing into your face and sometimes into your eyes. This phenomenon can be solved as follows:

★ buy a shampoo hat with edge for children, which can cover the head. When shampoo, the water will not flow to the face, eyes or ears. Suitable for children who don’t want to wash their heads up.

★ if the child is willing to wash his hair with his head up to the back, don’t pour water hard, it will frighten the child. There should be a water spray shower head, if not, use a small water scoop to slowly pour water; some mothers prefer to wash their hair with their children’s water toys.

★ put a cloth around to wipe off the water flowing to the child’s face or eyes in time; or put a small towel on the child’s forehead to cover the child’s eyes.

★ create a happy atmosphere of shampoo for children. While shampoo and sing, some mothers wear their bathing suits to their children, like swimming. Some children wash their faces in the mirror and see that the shampoo bubble on their heads is very interesting. How happy they are! If the mother washes him, the child cries, and the father washes him, the child may become happy. If the best efforts are ineffective, please bear with your mother’s teeth. Don’t get angry with your child. Use less shampoo and wash your child as soon as possible. The child will soon obey.

&In a word, moms should remember not to come hard. At this time, mothers to be should take proper measures to solve the problem that babies don’t like shampoo according to their actual situation. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you