We all know that the radiation produced by mobile phones and computers does great harm to children’s bodies, and these colorful pictures and bouncing screens have strong stimulation on children’s eye development, which will seriously affect children’s vision development and psychology. Therefore, what Xiaobian is going to say today is that children’s long-term addiction to tablet computers will “hurt their eyesight and psychology”.

Long time indulgence can make vision and psychology “very hurt”

Children should not play tablet for more than half an hour at a time

“Cut fruits” and “play birds” on the touch screen Colorful, game rich, portable tablet computers are increasingly becoming children’s favorite. However, tablet computers not only give children happiness, but also bring potential harm unconsciously.

Long time use is harmful to eyes

Professor Han Qing, director of Ophthalmology of the fourth hospital of Harbin Medical University, pointed out that the tablet computer is a direct light-emitting body, with bright colors and strong visual stimulation. Long-term use can easily lead to damage and pathological changes in the retina and macular area, followed by the decline of vision and the decrease of color sensitivity, which can even cause irreversible damage to children’s immature optic nerve. Although tablet computers are equipped with brightness adjustment function, for young children, especially young children, this function is a virtual device, and automatic brightness adjustment is designed according to adult standards.

The damage of strong light to children is obvious, especially when children use tablet products, their eyes will be quite close to the screen, which aggravates the damage to the eyes. Children are in the growth and development period, and the eye is responsible for regulating the muscle that looks far and near – ciliary muscle strength is strong. When they look too close, especially when they use computers and related products for a long time, they will have eyesight fatigue, affect the eye focus function, and induce myopia. In the long run, they will also cause amblyopia or strabismus. In particular, some children still use tablet computers while walking, which has a great impact on vision. Experts suggest that parents try not to give their children access to tablet computers, if play must be limited time, not more than half an hour each time.

Relying on tablet computers can cause psychological problems

For children who are not yet mature in physical development, sitting and playing with tablet computers for a long time and relying too much on electronic products may weaken the skills of face-to-face communication between children and other people, and playing alone for a long time is also easy to make children lonely and lonely. Long term attention to video, just like adults do not use their brains to watch TV, children will be lazy to think about problems.

Parents should spare more time in their life to have close communication with their children, rather than leaving their children on tablets. Even if parents can’t get away from them, they should also correctly guide their children how to use tablets.

Parents should take their children to receive professional psychological examination and intervention in time if they find that their children like to play tablet computers more slowly, clumsily and not lively than other children of the same age and are unwilling to play games.

So what’s more important is how adults guide their children to play games. When children are curious about the electronic world because of games, when children are obsessed with winning or losing games for a while, or are struggling with the tricks of winning games, parents may as well lead them to use electronic products correctly. If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.