For parents, the coming of a new life will be a major change of life. Although father and mother will have some common concerns, in fact, father will have some unique fears. And if dad wants to get rid of the fear of parenting, bathing is the most effective way.

If dad wants to get rid of the fear of parenting, bathing is the most effective way.

When a child is born, the effect of contact with his father through bathing is so long-lasting, because when the body contacts in warm conditions, the newborn will secrete a hormone, which can promote intimacy with people and last for a long time. When the father bathes the child, the natural physical contact makes the child feel the intimacy with the father. Recent studies have shown that this hormone is not only beneficial to the establishment of intimacy, but also to the improvement of dependence. Intimacy and dependence are the foundation of social communication ability. (Li Baoyan, Dad’s leadership)

Children usually like to play with water. However, there are also children who cry when they enter the water and don’t want to play in the water. Either the water is too hot, or it’s scared of being suddenly put into the water, so the above reaction appears. For Dad, it doesn’t matter if the water temperature is a little hot, but the kids will feel very different. So we should not only consider the feelings of dad, but also pay more attention to the feelings of children.

Originally, in the matter of bathing the child, because the mother’s hand is smaller, so the father is more suitable. However, as long as you have a bad experience in bathing, it will be difficult for your child to readjust. 38 ℃ to 40 ℃ is the appropriate temperature, and to let children adapt slowly, do not frighten children. For children born one month, it’s better to put them directly into the water with clothes on, or put them into the water with towels wrapped, and then slowly untie the clothes or towels. This can minimize skin irritation, so it’s very effective.

Children are very sensitive, so they should also be very careful when cleaning their bodies. In addition, because the child has to take a bath every day, it doesn’t matter if it can’t be cleaned a little. If Dad rubs something to clean it, the child will be upset. So, it’s better to be more natural and let children play in the water for a while. When you wash your hair or make soap, you should be more careful to prevent soap foam from entering your child’s eyes and ears. When I was a child, I became disgusted with taking a bath when I grew up, so it’s absolutely necessary to pay attention.

In order to make children feel that bathing is a happy thing, Dad’s role is very important. It’s better to give children toys that can play in the water. The simulated fish or boat swimming in the water can stimulate children’s interest and make them feel that bathing is a pleasant thing. It’s also a good way to get close to your skin and play in the water with Dad, so it’s a good choice to take a bath together.

Children can move around in the bath. If they are not well controlled, they may be injured by falling into the water or on the bathroom floor. Therefore, in order to avoid accidents, we should master some key points. For example, you can wrap a towel around a child’s body, then hold the child’s neck with your left hand, seal the child’s nostrils with your fingers, and put your right hand under your chin. When you enter the water, because of the influence of buoyancy, you will feel lighter, so you don’t need so much strength. Therefore, even if the child moves, it can complete the bath easily.

How to bathe a child

● try the water temperature first

The water temperature in the bathtub should be adjusted according to the children’s feelings. Because the child’s skin is sensitive and fragile, even if the father has tried to feel the temperature with his hands, it may still feel hot for the child. Generally speaking, when Dad’s hands and elbows are in the water, it’s the right temperature to feel warm.

● full body touch

When bathing a child, you should carefully touch the whole body from the head, through the trunk, to the limbs. Such touching is good for children’s emotional development. At this time, it’s better to sing a children’s song. In the warm water, listening to Dad’s steady voice, children will feel very safe.

● avoid water from ears and nose

If there is water in the ears and nose, the child will not only feel uncomfortable, but also have the risk of bacterial infection, so try to avoid it. In case of water in the ear, gently wipe it with a clean cotton stick. Never insert the cotton stick into the ear. The water in the nose can also be dried with a cotton stick.

In fact, experts point out that it’s normal for a new father to worry about whether he can become a good father economically and effectively. And he faces “competition” to share his wife’s attention with his children. But these are not the key. What is more important is how they face and deal with these worries and fears, rather than waiting for the problem to disappear. If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!