Often wash and bathe children, absorb their dirty elements, enhance their own immunity, ensure their health, in order to thrive tomorrow. How can parents help their babies enjoy bathing?

A positive attitude towards hand washing and self-care

Five year olds often do a good job of “wash hands before meals”. If someone reminds them, they will do better. That is to say, he doesn’t know how to wash his hands on his own initiative; however, once someone reminds him, he will not only resist, but also clean up.

If you want your baby to enjoy bathing, you need help from your parents

But bathing is not as easy as washing your hands. Although he likes to take a bath and is willing to wash himself as much as possible, his ability is limited after all. Dr. Arnold Gesell, the originator of our study, once said: “children of this age still need adults to help them clean, comb and trim their nails.” In fact, it’s more than that.

In fact, the cleanest place a five-year-old can wash is probably his hands and knees. Besides, he needs your help very much. If you don’t remind him, he may even wash one knee and wash it again, without knowing that he should move to wash the other knee. Also, it’s still up to the mother to take care of the baby’s bath water.

Therefore, we can’t say that the five-year-old has already bathed himself; however, he is willing to cooperate and enter the bath. Bathing is a happy and relaxing thing for most five-year-old children. However, in order to save some time, many mothers prefer to bathe their children by themselves. Although many children still like to play with water basin toys while bathing, most of them are forced to give up the fun now.

The above content is a detailed introduction made by Xiaobian for you. I hope it can help you. In many cases, the baby can’t take a bath. Moms should pay attention to it, and don’t think it’s very good to take a bath every day. If you are interested in children’s common sense of health habits, please go to our Baibai safety net to search!