Many babies resist bathing and cleaning for some reasons, such as unsuitable water temperature and bath products. And every time at this time, a lot of Baoma people say they are helpless, so what to do? If you want your baby to take a bath obediently, these methods may be suitable!

How to let the baby take a bath?

First of all, choose a time when your baby is willing to take a bath. Don’t take a bath when your baby feels hungry or tired. At the same time, make sure that the baby’s bath room is warm, so that the baby will feel comfortable and relaxed when bathing. To pay attention to the temperature of water, use wrist and elbow joints to measure whether the water temperature is appropriate, or use a thermometer to measure the water temperature. Generally, the water temperature for baby bathing should be controlled at about 37 ℃. Then put the towel on the heating, so that the baby can use the hot towel after bath. Put all the things you need in the place you need them. This is to keep your baby in the bath.

In fact, water games are quite interesting for the baby, because when he takes a bath, not only his favorite family will accompany him, but also his favorite toys, such as ducklings and colorful small balls, to play with him in the water. Mothers can prepare these toys with the baby, which make the baby happy to take a bath, no less than a warm-up game before taking a bath! This will make the baby’s expectation of bathing stronger.

When bathing the baby, mom and dad should face to face with the baby, keep eye contact with the baby, keep smiling face, talk to the baby, call his name kindly, etc., and don’t chew it all at once. When the baby bathes, he is more willing to put into the fun that his parents create for him. You can sing, teach the child to know his body, teach the child to talk, and even teach the child how to bathe.

Scrub the baby after the umbilical cord falls off. For the baby boy who has circumcision after birth, the baby should be scrubbed after the wound is healed, which usually takes about 10 days. After bathing, gently pat the baby with a clean and soft bath towel from head to foot to dry the water.

Baby bath should not be too frequent. For newborns, doctors do not recommend bathing their babies every day. The frequency of bathing is affected by the factors such as the baby’s own physical condition, external temperature and season. By the time of 6 months, you can sponge your baby’s whole body, first head and face, then neck, hands and feet, and buttocks. As the baby grows up, the frequency of bathing can be increased appropriately. If the baby begins to eat solid food, often will get food to the body, this time should give the baby more bath to keep clean. Sweat a lot in summer, wash twice a day at most.

Is your baby not fond of taking a bath, crying and shouting every time you take a bath, which makes you at a loss? May as well try these methods recommended by Xiaobian for you, maybe it will work. If you are interested in children’s health habits, please go to this safety net for relevant information.