It’s getting hotter and hotter in spring, and it’s time for the baby to play in the water. Bathing the baby has become a must for parents. But when bathing the baby, numbness people have a lot of troubles, so what should we pay attention to when bathing the baby?

Pay attention to room temperature and water temperature when bathing the baby

When bathing your baby, you should pay attention to the room temperature and water temperature. Generally, you should keep the room temperature at 26-28 ℃ and the water temperature at 38-40 ℃. Every time the newborn is bathed, the time should be arranged 1-2 hours before feeding to avoid vomiting. Before bathing your baby, you should do some necessary preparations. First, put the clothes and diapers that need to be changed and the bath towel, towel, baby bath soap, etc. that need to be used in the bath beside you. Choose a bathtub of moderate size. Adjust the temperature of the bath water to 38-40 ℃, and then try the water temperature with the back of your hand to avoid scalding. When you are ready, you can give your baby Take off your clothes and take a bath. Don’t take too long to take a bath, so as to avoid the baby’s cold sickness, especially when the weather is not good.

When bathing, the best room temperature is about 26-28 ℃. If the room temperature is too low, the baby is easy to catch cold. As for the bath times of the baby, it can be determined according to the climate and family conditions at that time. Wash at least once a day in summer and once a week in winter. Sometimes, if the stool is especially dirty, the number of times can be increased accordingly.

You’d better not use talcum powder after bathing the newborn

Many new mothers and dads often like to rub some talcum powder on their baby’s small buttocks, armpits or thigh roots after bathing, thinking that it can protect the baby’s skin. In fact, this is the opposite, because the baby metabolizes quickly, perspires much, and urinates frequently. Too much talcum powder will form lumps or granules when it meets sweat or urination. When the baby moves, the powder or granules at the body wrinkles will rub the delicate skin, which is easy to cause skin redness, swelling and erosion. Therefore, it is better not to use talcum powder.

Protect your eyes when washing your face

When you wash your baby’s face, you should protect your baby’s eyes. Wash your face with a towel or gauze dipped in warm boiled water. Some babies born soon have more eye droppings. Their mothers may think that their babies are angry. In fact, this is not because their babies are angry, but because they are infected by bacteria in the birth canal when they are born through their mother’s birth canal. Therefore, if the baby has more eye excrement, the mother should take the baby to the hospital to see the ophthalmologist, or under the guidance of the doctor, give the baby some aureomycin eye ointment or chloramphenicol eye drops to treat eye infection.

Don’t let the water flow into the newborn’s ears when bathing

When bathing the newborn, the mother should pay special attention not to let water in the baby’s ears. In case of accidentally entering the water, it can be gently wiped with a dry cotton swab, but not poked too deep. Mother often finds that there is earwax in the ear canal of the baby. Generally, the earwax of the baby is light yellow flake, and some of the earwax of the baby is ointment like, attached to the wall of the outer ear canal. A small amount of earwax can protect the hearing. These earwax do not need special treatment generally, because earwax is a kind of secretion produced by cerumen gland on the skin of external auditory canal, which is called cerumen in medicine. These earwax in the baby’s milk, generally with the activities of the cheek and loose, and will fall out. If the mother finds that the baby’s earwax bag is hard, don’t dig it at home. Go to the facial features Department of the hospital and ask the doctor to drip cerumen softener and take it out with special equipment. If the discharge of purulent secretion is found in the baby’s ear, please go to the hospital and ask a facial surgeon for treatment immediately.

If you want your baby to take a bath safely and comfortably, these precautions should be kept in mind! If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!