For the newly born babies, they are strange to the world, and all of them need the help of their parents. Bathing is one of the most difficult things. If you want your baby to take a good bath, you can try these methods.

Five ways to make a baby fall in love with bathing

Our goal is: let the baby take a good bath – OK, here are some ways to make the baby like taking a bath, you can try

Find a good bath partner

Bath toys are very necessary, especially when the baby is young, when bathing, give him bath toys, it is easy to attract his attention, convenient for adults to help him bathe. When the baby is a little older, the bath toys will become the driving force for him to take a bath, which makes him feel that it is interesting to have friends to accompany him in the bath.

Set an example

For a baby, it’s important to have an example of bathing. Mom and dad can read some story books about bathing together with the baby, or find a familiar partner or adult as a small model for bathing.

Bathing nursery rhymes are really effective

When the baby is older, you can try to wash some parts of the body by yourself when taking a bath. It’s very useful to learn some baby songs about bathing. Bathing nursery rhymes show the order and method of bathing in the form of nursery rhymes. They have good melody and are easy to remember.

Baby, love to take a bath,

Rub bubbles in clear water.

Washed clean, fragrant and white,

Mom and Dad love to hold each other.

(mom and dad can also go to the Internet to search for some audio and video baby songs for bathing, which is more fun to sing!)

“Every time I take a bath, my baby will sing me a baby shower song and remind me which part to wash next.” (Nannan MA)

It’s important to praise in time

Every baby needs appreciation and encouragement. The baby actively cooperates in bathing. Of course, mom and dad should give praise in time! Mother gives her baby a sweet kiss A very simple praise will make the baby happy. This kind of praise must be timely and sincere. Don’t underestimate the observation ability of the baby. It’s not good to perfunctory. Occasionally, you need to give a little material reward.

Warm bathroom environment

To make your baby fall in love with bathing, you should not only work hard on your baby, but also the sanitation of the bathroom. In the cold weather season, before the baby enters the bathroom, first turn on the bath master and other heating facilities to warm the bathroom. A warm and bright bath environment with suitable water temperature is also the key step to make the baby love the bath.

Here is the answer time——

“As soon as my baby gives him a bath toy, he just plays, does not let adults help wash it, does not give the toy and cries, what should I do?”

A: a large part of the reason for this is that the baby doesn’t associate the bath toy with the bath. Mom and dad need to let the baby know the purpose of the toys in advance, so that the baby knows that the bath toys also need to be “bathed”. Just like the baby, the baby can take a bath for the toys, and also needs to take a bath himself. After washing, the baby should be more clean than anyone else.

“My baby is 3 years old. Every time he takes a bath, he has to take off his clothes for half an hour. It’s so easy to sit in the tub and start crying when he is drenched with water. What should I do?”

A: the baby is afraid of taking a bath. Most of it is because the bath environment is not good enough, and the temperature of the bathroom and water is not enough. Of course, the baby is not willing to take a bath. In addition, mom and dad should also change their attitude. Don’t worry. Don’t take bathing as a task and finish it in a hurry. Let the baby try the water temperature first, pour water on himself, let the baby first get familiar with the bathing environment, tell a little story about bathing, and relieve the anxiety of the baby.

“My baby didn’t take a bath seriously. At the beginning, he didn’t take a bath for various reasons. In the process of taking a bath, he just went into the tub and shouted that he had finished it. If he wanted to come out, he felt like he was dealing with a job. How could he take a good bath?”

A: for a baby, the process of bathing is very “troublesome”. However, it can’t be avoided. Of course, it’s not serious and careless. To deal with this situation, mom and dad should first let the baby change his attitude, through toys, bath books, nursery rhymes and other forms, to attract the baby’s attention, but also by changing the bath order, to increase the sense of mystery. The family can also use competition, supervision and other forms to see who takes the bath most seriously and cleanly, and can get corresponding spiritual or material rewards, so as to improve the baby’s bathing enthusiasm.

Mom can easily bathe her baby by learning the above steps. If you want to learn more about children’s health habits online, you can go to Baibai safety net to check and read.