Parents know how good the habit of eating while watching TV is, but the long-term harm is far more serious than you think. But mothers often do not recruit, and the following parents tell you that if you want to let your children eat without watching TV, you may as well try to “attack poison with poison”!

If you want your child to eat without watching TV, you can try “fighting poison with poison”!

Narrator: Mrs. Jiang, 37 (Chief Executive)

Problem baby: son, 7 years old (first grade of primary school)

I have no objection to my son’s watching TV, which is an important channel for him to absorb knowledge beyond textbooks and understand the world. Even if it’s an advertisement, I think it can help him feel the useful information of words, art design, music, etc., and become one of the ways for him to chat with children and enhance his feelings.

Today is not an era where we can succeed by building a car behind closed doors. What we pay attention to is family affairs, state affairs and world affairs. We care about everything, and television is an indispensable channel.

But when the TV program began to interfere with my family’s normal dinner, I began to hate it.

At 6:30 every day, it’s the time for my dinner and the time for the cartoon to start playing. And that piece of starter is more effective than any magic instrument. As soon as it rings, my son will quickly put several dishes in the bowl, run to the sofa with the bowl, sit down, and watch TV.

But what’s the point of sandwiching? What’s the point of carrying a bowl? During the cartoon playing time, he would only hold the bowl in his left hand, hold the chopsticks in his right hand and do nothing except laugh a few times.

Will he eat normally when the cartoon is finished? No, he will put down his chopsticks for a while, pick up the remote control and turn it skillfully. Then he will watch his favorite discovery channel, and continue to hold the position of serving dishes without eating.

If our urging sound is heard by him – most of the time, his ears only focus on receiving the sound waves of TV programs, and then poke the rice bowl with chopsticks, whether it is stained with rice or not, take it up and send it to his mouth. In the process of delivering chopsticks to his mouth, he will forget what he is doing and stop halfway, but keep opening his mouth.

Until the end of the exploration channel, all the staff behind the scenes will see the list, he will come back to the world, hurriedly shove the cold rice into his mouth, and at the same time, he will not willingly press the remote control with his left hand and keep turning. If he saw the program he was interested in, he would immediately stop eating and his soul would be hooked up by the TV again.

Tell him not to watch. He has a point:

“There’s an episode of cartoon every day. It’s not coherent without watching the plot.”

“No cartoons? Everyone is watching. If they don’t know what others are saying, they will be laughed at. “

“The exploration channel is what the teacher said to watch (in fact, it means that the program can increase the knowledge of the students). If you don’t watch it, it will be very humiliating if the teacher asks you to share it the next day.”

“It’s not easy to see other TV programs. If you give up, when can you see them?”

The point is, he also uses my husband as an example to say that dad is the same when he watches the ball game. He must not miss it. The guy who didn’t know the situation was stupid enough to agree with his son. He didn’t remember the attack and defense alliance we had discussed before.

Fortunately, in addition to television, there are many great inventions in the world.

Cartoon cartoon? I bought a DVD from the video rental shop and showed it to him – during non dinner time, of course.

If I can’t buy it, I will search on the Internet and download it. If he eats his meal, I will show it to him on the computer.

If I can’t find it on the Internet, I still have an antique video recorder 20 years ago, which can catalog the festival.

The discovery channel is easier to solve. It’s sold in sets in the store. The son can choose the content he likes. The next day, he will be able to respond to the teacher’s request of sharing homework.

In case of emergency, I also bought a lot of related books and put them at home, and I plan to teach my son how to use the computer slowly.

TV is a good way to absorb knowledge, but after all, it is not the only way. I hope computers and those books can make my son understand this.

Smart Mom’s trick: when a child asks a question, solve a problem. Then there’s no reason for him not to listen to you and eat well.

Of course, there are other ways. This requires parents to take targeted measures according to their children’s character or interest. If you have any good methods, you can leave a message below to share with you! If you want to know more about children’s home anti electric shock information, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!