Accidental injury is a kind of injury that children encounter suddenly in their life. Children can’t solve all kinds of injuries in their growing up independently, so parents need to give necessary help and guidance. Parents’ carelessness, lack of safety education, incomplete first-aid system, unreasonable home layout or goods placement may cause children to receive accidental injuries. This article 100 safety net to talk about baby home accident injury six ways to save lives.

Six ways to save your baby’s life

Time 1: burn or burn

Quickly cool the child’s scalded or burned area in cold water for at least 10 minutes, which can reduce the swelling of the injured area. Then take off or cut off the clothes near the wound. If the clothes and the wound stick together, don’t move it, wait for the doctor to deal with it. If the area of the wound is larger than the palm of the child’s hand, cover the wound with a clean plastic wrap or a lint free cloth and send it to the hospital immediately.

Time 2: nosebleed

Let the child sit down and lean his head forward to let the nose blood flow smoothly. Then let him hold his nose with his hand and breathe with his mouth. After 10 minutes, if the blood hasn’t stopped, press twice, 10 minutes each time.

After hemostasis, wipe your nose clean and tell your child not to speak, cough or blow your nose to avoid breaking the clot. But if the nosebleed doesn’t stop for 30 minutes, it must be taken to the hospital.

Time 3: sprain or sprain

First, wrap a few pieces of ice with a small towel for 10 minutes, and then tie up bandages for them to raise the injury and slow down the blood flow, which can reduce the degree of bruise and congestion.

Time 4: electric shock

If the child has not been disconnected from the power supply after being electrocuted, you must never touch him. The first thing is to cut off the power supply. If you can’t find the switch for a while, you can stand on a dry insulating object (such as a thick telephone book or a pile of newspapers) and turn off the power.

Check the child’s breathing, even if he has lost consciousness, but as long as the normal breathing problem is not big. The area of the scar left by electric shock on the surface of human body may not be large, but it may damage the internal organs of children, so it is necessary to call an ambulance.

Time 5: poisoning

If a child ingests toxic substances by mistake, call an ambulance. Keep the child still until the ambulance arrives. If possible, find out what he ate and take some to the hospital for laboratory test.

Do not force the child to vomit, which may further damage the esophagus and stomach. If the child instinctively vomits, collect the vomitus and take it to the hospital. If the child feels a burning sensation in the esophagus or mouth, let him drink some milk.

Time 6: choking

If the child suddenly coughs violently, it may be due to choking. Parents should immediately see if there is anything in their child’s mouth. If you don’t have to reach the throat to choke, take it out quickly; if you can’t, let the child lie on his leg and pat his back with his palm. The child under 1 year old should let him lie on his forearm and hold his head and neck.

If this does not work, let the child turn over, lie on his back, and hold his head with his hand so that the head is lower than the whole body. With two fingertips, push the baby’s sternum inward and upward, once every 3 seconds, depending on whether something is coming out of the throat. For the older child, if it doesn’t work to pat his back, let him stand in front of him, put your fist between his abdomen and the bottom rib, and exert a strong inward and upward force. If the contents of the throat still don’t come out, repeat the back slap. Take 5 back taps and 5 front pushes as a unit, and repeat. After 3 units, if not relieved, call an ambulance. Before the rescuers arrive, they should repeat the first aid actions.

In a word, when the baby is injured in an accident at home, the parents of six life-saving “Assassin’s mace” need to master. No one can predict the accident, so in addition to prevention, what we have to do is how to deal with and first aid in case of an accident. If you want to know more about how to prevent children from bumping at home, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!