In order to keep the children clean, the mother will choose to bathe the children every day. But it’s very cold in winter. Is it suitable for bathing children?

Baby should not bathe every day

In fact, children’s skin is not like adults, not so fond of oil, metabolism is not so fast, too much washing is not good for the skin.

Especially in autumn and winter, the weather is cold and dry, too much bathing may cause skin dryness. For some children whose skin is relatively dry, a bubble in the water every day may make the skin dehydrate, become drier, or even peel. Therefore, you can wash it frequently in summer and twice a week in autumn and winter.

Take care to keep warm and safe when bathing your baby in winter. First of all, bath time should not be too long, not more than 10 minutes at a time. Bathing baby for too long will make the cuticle soft and reduce the resistance of the skin. Secondly, some children’s baths and soaps can be properly used to remove sebum, dust and dirt on the skin. Softer bath products are necessary to protect infant’s immature skin barrier. Generally, you can use bath gel or soap twice or three times a week. This is because there is a layer of grease on the surface of the baby’s skin, which plays an important role in maintaining skin moisture, reducing external stimulation and keeping warm. Many body lotions are alkaline, which will damage the oil and make the skin dry and rough. In serious cases, sensitive skin may be formed. Again, it’s best to turn on the bath bully before bathing. Turn it off when bathing, so as not to hurt your child’s eyes. If possible, you can turn on the bathroom heating. Wash and dry your body, put on your clothes, and give your child some boiled water, so that he can go to sleep sweetly.

Therefore, in cold winter, it is not necessarily a good thing for the baby to take a bath every day! Many times, parents’ carelessness will cause damage to their children. They are all parents for the first time. There must be a lot of places they don’t know. I hope that reading this article will be helpful to all parents. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you