Children’s tableware is closely related to their daily diet, which is related to their health and safety. Therefore, parents should pay special attention to some matters when choosing tableware. If you don’t know about this, then you must see the following introduction. It’s very simple to choose baby tableware. It’s enough to know these points!


There are many brands of children’s tableware in the market. Choosing children’s tableware is a very important choice factor. Many parents think that it’s difficult to judge whether the product is safe or not with the naked eye, and most famous brands have been tested by the National Health Department, which is more safe than those small brands.


Among the factors of choice, the material of tableware is the most important one for parents. What they are most worried about is whether the tableware material contains harmful elements, such as lead, while ordinary consumers can’t tell whether the product is safe and sanitary at all. However, many parents know that they can’t choose the tableware with bright colors. It’s better to be colorless and transparent, or the tableware with light colors.


At present, children’s tableware is mostly made of plastic. Glass bowl or traditional ceramic bowl is large and heavy, inconvenient for children to use, and easy to break.


I went around the market and found that the styles of children’s tableware are really various, including round, oval, polygon, etc. In addition to the traditional straight-line shape, there is also a kind of spoon head bending style. Because children of small age can’t turn their hands, it’s difficult to scoop up the spoon and deliver it to their mouths after eating, so this kind of spoon head turning spoon is designed to facilitate children to put rice into their mouths.


There are also many functions of children’s tableware. There are bowls with suction cups on the chassis, which can suck the bowls on the desktop and won’t move, so it’s not easy to be knocked over by the baby; warm bowls and spoons can let parents master the temperature, so as not to scald the child; high temperature resistant tableware can carry out high temperature disinfection to ensure safety and health.

What kind of tableware should be avoided for children

Wandering in the world of children’s tableware with a large number of varieties, the childlike parents may choose tableware with unique shape and colorful colors for the baby from the perspective of novelty and personality; some parents will choose tableware by the baby without any reference, and buy back a lot of them. Improper choice of tableware for children is very harmful to their health. Young parents should avoid choosing the following kinds of tableware for their children:

1. Plastic tableware

Plastic tableware is made by polymerization of high molecular compounds. In order to meet the needs of specific materials, solvents, plasticizers and colorants are added during processing. In the process of processing and manufacturing, some unreacted monomer residues will be produced, which are toxic to some extent. When using plastic tableware to contain food, these trace plastic components on the tableware will be transferred to the food, which will directly damage human health. Moreover, under the condition of heating, the plastic tableware is more toxic and harmful.

2. Colorful tableware inside

The pigments used in some designs painted on color tableware are harmful to children’s health. The main raw material of the pigment used in the drawing of the inner side of the tableware is the colored glaze, which contains a lot of lead. The acid food can dissolve the lead in the colored glaze and enter the children’s body at the same time with the food.

Conclusion: Although the baby can’t choose the tableware on his own, his parents can add more attention when helping to choose tableware. The common sense about how to disinfect children’s tableware is still being updated. Please continue to pay attention to this website!