Washing your baby’s hair and bathing is a top priority, and it’s also a tough problem, because many babies don’t like washing their hair and bathing. They cry when they hear about washing their hair and bathing. In autumn and winter, because of the large temperature difference between day and night, they have a high incidence of cold. In fact, it’s not a problem for the baby to fall in love with shampoo and bath.

▎ the baby doesn’t like to wash his hair and take a bath. Maybe these details are wrong

Why doesn’t the baby love shampoo / bath? From the test, for the following reasons, have you done it inadvertently, even once, it may make the baby afraid of shampoo / bath:

The bath water is too hot or too cold

The baby accidentally choked on the water

Water or soap bubbles are in the baby’s eyes.

When I washed my hair, the water flowed on my face

The water output of the nozzle is too large and urgent

Take a bath when your baby is hungry or in a bad mood

Take a bath as soon as the baby is full

The bathroom is too slippery. The baby has slipped or bumped into it

▎ do this to make the baby fall in love with shampoo and bath

Babies don’t like to wash their hair or bathe. There may be many reasons. Mom and dad need to check carefully before they can use the corresponding tricks to solve it.

1. Mom thinks the water temperature is very comfortable and unreliable

The bathing water temperature is recommended to be 37-40 ℃.

The baby’s skin is delicate and afraid of scalding. Adults usually like to wash hot water. You may think it’s the right water temperature, but it’s too hot for the baby. You can’t do anything with your hands. You can prepare a water thermometer.

In addition, when bathing, let the baby’s feet touch the water first (if the water temperature is not appropriate, the baby will cry and express generally), let him first adapt to the feeling of water, and then put the whole body down.

2. Hungry without bath, full without Shampoo

Bathing as soon as the baby is full may cause vomiting. When a baby takes a bath when he is hungry or tired, he will be upset and cry easily.

Therefore, it is generally recommended that the bath time of the baby is 1 hour after suckling, and the bath time should not be too long, generally 15-30 minutes is suitable.

3. Use all kinds of bathing artifact

When you wash your hair, you can use a shampoo hat / goggles / goggles / goggles. Your baby has become an eye Superman.

In the bathtub, you can put some lovely toys, such as ducks and balls.

In the bathroom, the antiskid mat and a special chair can be prepared in advance to let the baby take a bath happily and safely.

4. Shampoo and play a bubble game

Mom can turn shampoo into a game.

When you wash your hair, first wet your hair with a towel, then rub the shampoo, make the foam into various shapes, let your baby look at the mirror in the bathroom, he will feel very funny, rub it almost, wipe the foam with wet towel, and then clean it up faster.

You can also let your baby make bubbles and your mother flush.

Mom remembers not to use too much water for towels. If there is too much water, it will flow down easily, and the baby won’t like it. A small amount of water can not only rub bubbles, but also make bubbles stay on the baby’s hair.

&After learning these, you can easily deal with the problem of washing your baby’s hair and bathing. In addition, you should remind parents that you can’t wash your baby’s hair and bath frequently. In general, you can wash your baby once every two or three days. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you!