When winter comes, the air becomes cold and dry. Bathing is no longer a required course every day. For children, bathing is not so much playing with water as playing with water. Then, how can we make the baby take a warm and safe bath, make the baby happy and wash out wisdom? In winter, how to keep the baby from catching cold?

How to let baby bathe in winter no longer cold?

1. When you put bath water, you must first put cold water, then hot water, so as not to burn baby.

2. Baby’s bath water should not be too hot. Adults are used to hot bath, but baby’s skin is thin. Maybe adults can test the water temperature, but baby feels hot. Therefore, the water temperature should not be too hot.

3. In the exclusive store of mother and baby products, there is a water temperature agent for baby bathing. It is plastic, which can be put in the water and used for measuring the water temperature. It’s very good for people who can’t master the water temperature.

4. Don’t take a bath immediately after the baby has been fed milk, otherwise it is easy to spit out milk. It’s more appropriate to take a bath one and a half hours after eating milk.

5. Don’t use bath solution every time you wash it, because bath solution is alkaline. It is easy to dry and itch the skin when you use it often, especially in northern cities.

6. After each bath, give the baby some warm water to replenish the consumed physical strength and water.

7. Baby’s special bathtub and bath bed are essential. Newborn baby has a general fear of bath. It needs to rely on the bath bed (rack) to enhance the sense of security.

8. For babies who are afraid to take a bath, put some prepared bath toys into the water to let them play while they wash, which is conducive to helping them overcome their bath phobia.

9. After washing the baby’s trunk, it doesn’t mean that the task of bathing is over completely. There are still some details that need help from parents, such as cleaning the nose, earwax, nursing the navel, buttocks and other parts.

10. The cleaning of baby’s ears, nose and navel requires cotton sticks, which can be prepared more at home. In addition, when scrubbing the navel, alcohol should be prepared and used for disinfection.

11. Make sure you have all kinds of bath articles for bathing, and don’t look for them temporarily.

12. When the baby takes a bath, adults can’t leave. Even if the home phone rings, don’t leave the baby, or install a phone in the bathroom or wrap the baby in a bath towel before answering the phone.

13. For shower, when it’s cold, you can pump boiled water first and put some hot water in the bathroom (you can put it in the basin first and keep it for laundry). If there’s hot gas in the bathroom, the bathroom won’t be too cold.

14. For the baby who can sit or stand to take a bath by himself, anti slip pads should be placed on the ground or in the basin to prevent the baby from slipping.

Don’t worry, moms, as long as you do these things, you can effectively prevent your baby from catching cold and take a bath at ease. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you!