It’s human instinct to seek benefits and avoid harm, and so is children. So what a child loves must be good for him, and what he hates must be bad for him. So why do children like watching TV? Because the setting of TV is in line with the characteristics of children’s physiological and psychological development, at the same time, the feedback mechanism inside can mobilize children’s emotions, so that children can better get a sense of value and existence. So how can parents guide their children to watch TV correctly? Editor summed up some interaction: about children infatuated with TV, mothers’ questions and answers!

Net friend Baoer Ma:

My baby is almost two years old. I find that she loves watching TV, especially the Teletubbies. Because both my father and I wear glasses, we hate the bad eyes, but we don’t want to deprive our baby of the little fun.

Answer: the baby likes to watch Teletubbies very much. You can show him picture books of relevant contents, so that the number of times the baby watches TV will be significantly reduced. In addition, the mother can buy some small toys and dolls, and interpret the story in the cartoon in front of the baby, and add some new contents from time to time, so as to exercise the whole perception of the baby Feel movement development and expressiveness! If the baby insists on watching TV, divide the time of watching TV into 10-15 minutes.

Netizen Xiaowen’s mother:

Children can learn language and knowledge through TV, right?

Answer: the most important thing for children in the process of language development is to communicate with people. It is not possible for children to acquire new knowledge through television. They must experience life. At this time, it is very important to establish a strong psychological communication relationship with the mother. Watching TV for a long time will have an impact on development, so we should watch TV in a moderate and selective way.

Netizen Ann’s mother:

Every time it’s time to have dinner, it’s also the time when the cartoon is on. Watching the cartoon while eating, it seems that the baby’s appetite is much better, and it can save parents a lot of trouble.

Answer: in early childhood, attention cannot be focused on two things at the same time. Therefore, when watching TV, let children focus on watching. When eating, or when the program is over, turn off the TV. In this regard, mothers should form good habits and set a good example for their children.

Fan fan Ma:

As soon as the baby watches TV, it’s quiet. I just take this opportunity to do housework. What’s the problem?

Answer: most of the children before the age of 3 don’t go to kindergarten. Their sports ability and interpersonal skills are limited. They are easy to become “good friends” with TV. However, if you touch TV for a long time, it will lead to the slow development of language, the low ability to communicate with people, and the bad influence of being out of group with children. Even if you want to watch TV, you should watch it with your children as much as possible, share feelings and communicate with each other.

Netizen — trickle down Mom:

There is a baby one year old at home, who loves watching TV, especially advertisements.

Answer: it’s a normal phenomenon for children around one year old to like to watch advertisements, which is also very common. Because this period of children began to actively understand the world around them, and watching advertising is one of their ways. The reason why advertising can attract these children who are not sensible is that it has bright colors, exquisite pictures, fast changes, strong visual impact, which can be said to be colorful, and can meet the characteristics of babies like new and changeable things, so babies generally like to watch advertising. You can let your baby watch TV for a while, but the time can’t be too long. It’s better to control the time of watching TV for such a big baby to about 2-10 minutes. Because watching TV too long will cause some adverse effects on the baby.

Netizen Lei Lei Ma:

My son is 2 years old and 4 months old, but he likes watching violent scenes when he is young. For example, when he buys vegetables, he likes watching killing chickens and fish.

Answer: try to let the baby watch the slow-paced program, so that the baby has time to think about what he is watching and absorb the information. A large number of random actions, such as martial arts, adventure cartoon programs, will only confuse the baby. In addition, some studies show that children who watch violent scenes on TV are more likely to show aggressive behavior. We should also avoid scary programs and choose simple programs that emphasize interaction. It’s the best program to stimulate your baby to make a sound, speak, sing and dance.

Netizen Meng Meng Ma:

When the baby watches TV, he can’t turn his eyes on it. He can’t pull it. If he forcibly turns off the TV, he will cry and make noise.

Answer: Children’s infatuation with TV is due to the dull and inflexible way of life. Therefore, parents should use the method of transferring attention to stop their children’s adherence to TV. And in order to increase interest, let children more contact with other activities. When children feel that there are more interesting activities than TV, they will gradually get rid of the dependence on TV. Reading, exercise, games, outdoor activities, visiting relatives and friends, holiday tourism, etc. are all good ways to transfer children’s attention and cultivate their interests.

Netizen — Michelle’s mother:

Baby’s grandparents love watching TV. Baby is with them during the day, and now they watch TV together.

Answer: first, we need to communicate with the elderly so that they can understand the various disadvantages of watching TV. The elderly love their children. If we make it clear, we can deal with them naturally. Or when the old people watch TV, you and your children go to other rooms to play games and tell stories. When you and your children really play together, this attraction will be much greater than that of TV. Children are naturally most interested in games.

Editor’s note: many parents blame their children for just watching TV and playing computer games, but they don’t know that they always look at mobile phones at home. Parents are often imitated by their children, so it is important to have a good family atmosphere. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!