When choosing cleaning products for your baby, just grasp a “simple” principle. Generally speaking, in addition to cleaning, the less the function is, the better, but also consider whether it is suitable for baby use, so is germicidal soap suitable for baby use?

Sterilized soap is not suitable for baby’s face washing and bathing

“Germicidal soap” has a good germicidal effect, but long-term use of germicidal soap has a certain impact on the skin, so it is not necessary to use it every day. Although the bactericidal effect of “germicidal soap” is outstanding, it also changes the pH value of the skin, disturbs the normal pH value of the skin, and makes the cells on the surface of the skin lose their vitality. And “germicidal soap” in the majority of basic soap, which may lead to long-term use of skin gloss. There are also some “germicidal soaps” that may contain antibiotic ingredients, which not only accelerate the aging of the skin, darken the skin, but also reduce the skin’s resistance, making it more difficult to deal with external bacteria. Especially for sensitive skin, “germicidal soap” will have a certain negative impact on the skin if it is used for a long time. Many people wash their faces with “germicidal soap” for a long time, which will destroy the secretion of facial sebum and make the skin prone to allergies, roughness and other conditions. Therefore, if you use sterilized soap, the most suitable is to wash your hands, not to do long-term facial cleaning products.

It should also be noted that both disinfectant soap and medicated soap belong to washing products. Children’s skin texture is thin and tender, with low natural protection barrier and poor tolerance. Long term use of disinfectant soap will stimulate immature skin and make it sensitive. Before children eat, they can consider washing their hands with soap or soap, both of which have certain bactericidal effect. “Germicidal soap” is more suitable for people who have frequent contact with germs, and also for the elderly. For the general family in the flu season or high incidence period of intestinal disease, it is OK to use occasionally, but healthy people are not recommended to use it every day. If you have scabies or seborrheic dermatitis, you can use sulfur soap. Sulfur itself can kill scabies and inhibit mites.

Therefore, novice mothers must be careful not to overuse disinfectants, wipes, soap with antibacterial ingredients. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you!