In the era of advocating customer experience, children have also become the marketing objects of some companies. It has become a common phenomenon that electronic products such as smart phones replace toys. Children can learn a lot from smart phones and experience a lot of fun. However, for children with weak control, early and frequent use of mobile phones will also cause certain harm 。 Is it true, then, that electronic products are said to cause eye problems in young children and are incurable?


Recently, a wechat went viral in the circle of friends. The wechat content said: “three ophthalmologists in Beijing Tongren Hospital did 7-day experiments with their children, and there were three results: playing iPhone for 20 minutes, the average vision of the three children was close to mild pseudomyopia; playing iPad for 20 minutes, the tear film rupture time was equivalent to that of dry eye patients; playing mobile phone for 10 minutes, equivalent to watching TV for 30 minutes. Keep children away from mobile phones, iPad! Especially don’t play mobile phones in the dark! It is easy to suffer from macular disease, which is incurable. Keep children away from cell phones. “


The damage of the electronic products mentioned in wechat to the eyes is not alarmist, but these symptoms only exist for a short time. If you do not use your eyes for a long time and continuously, these symptoms can be recovered. As for the so-called “macular disease can not be treated” is also unscientific.

After all, rumors come from here

This is a report published in Chengdu Business Daily in early April 2014 – an experiment conducted by three medical staff and their own children from Zhejiang eye hospital. Three ophthalmologists asked three children to use and watch iPhones, iPads, 42 inch LCD TVs and projectors respectively. By comparing children’s diopter, tear film rupture time and the number of blinks per minute before and after, they judged the degree of damage to children’s vision.

How much damage does cell phone, pad and computer do to children’s eyesight?

Zhao Qi, a doctor at Beijing Tongren Hospital, said that people’s eyes were not fully developed until they were 18 years old. Children’s eyes were overused. Ciliary muscles used to change the shape of crystals in their eyes were prone to spasm, resulting in pseudomyopia. In addition, tear film rupture time becomes shorter for a long time, which may cause dry eye. The reduction of blinking times is also easy to lead to eye fatigue, dry eyes and decreased vision.

Can these damage to the eyes be restored?

First of all, pseudomyopia. In the diagnosis of myopia in children, it is necessary to dilate the pupils and relax the ciliary muscles. After the ciliary muscle relaxes, the ability of crystal regulation recovers, and the symptoms of myopia disappear. Therefore, pseudomyopia caused by visual fatigue can be recovered as long as the eyes are relaxed and adjusted. Dry eye disease does not need to panic, as long as children relax their eyes and recover the duration of tear film, they will not cause damage to the eyes.

Does the blue light from mobile phones, pads and computer screens really damage your eyes?

The answer is yes. The screen of mobile phone, pad and computer will emit a lot of blue light, which is the most damaging visible light to eyes. Blue light also exists in natural light. Why are our eyes not so sensitive to the blue light in natural light, while the blue light from mobile phones does so much damage to our eyes? The reason is that the blue light emitted by the mobile screen is the strongest of the light emitted, while the blue light in the natural light is not the strongest. Human beings have adapted to the natural light, so they are not so sensitive to the blue light in the natural light. However, the blue light of mobile screen is unnatural light, which will damage human eyes if used for a long time.

Let’s talk about maculopathy. Is this eye disease really incurable?

Chen Youxin, an ophthalmologist at Concord Hospital, said that this was a mistake. Ten years ago, he was right. But now, photodynamic therapy and vistal have been on the market in China for so many years, and anti VEGF drugs have become very common all over the world. Although anti VEGF drugs have not been on the market in China, there are so many related information news, so we say “maculopathy”. It can be treated. At the same time of writing this article, tadzhujun interviewed a classmate who got “maculopathy” in August 2014. It was confirmed that too long time of watching mobile phones, pads and computers resulted in vision damage. After going to the hospital, he found that it was “maculopathy”. After a period of hospitalization, vision was restored.

What does this rumor remind us to pay attention to?

When we watch all kinds of screens, distance is absolutely the first thing we need to pay attention to. For electronic products, the best viewing distance is 3-5 times the diagonal of the electronic product screen. For the iPad, the diagonal of the screen is about 25 cm, so the viewing distance is at least 75 cm, which is the length of the adult arm. In addition, eye use time should be strictly controlled. Children (2-6 years old) should not operate electronic video products for more than 20 minutes at a time, and the cumulative time per day is recommended not to exceed 1 hour. For children under 2 years old, please avoid exposing them to these electronic products.

Conclusion: children may suffer from eye disease if they watch electronic products for a long time, but it is not absolute. Parents should let them use them correctly. If you want to learn more about children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you!