The baby needs to take a bath every day in the hot weather, and does not need to worry about the bath time is long. The baby will get cold, so you can take this opportunity to let the baby play with water for a while. However, are you ready before the baby takes a bath? This can’t fall!

Baby should be well prepared before bathing

Make full preparations before bathing. Room access is the first condition, at least should be 26 degrees, the best can open to 28-32 degrees. The clothes and diapers to be changed are arranged layer by layer, and the big bath towel is laid on the bed for use. Then adjust the water temperature to about 38 degrees, so that adults feel a little hot but not hot.

When bathing, he holds his head in his left hand, holds his ears with his thumb and forefinger, and presses his ears with his pinna to prevent water from entering the ear. Hold the child in his left arm, let him face up first, wash his face with clear water with his right hand first, and then wash his hair with potassium baby soap. The new baby is delicate. He has just left the most stable mother’s womb, so he has to carefully imagine an ideal environment and suitable temperature for him.

It is better to keep the room temperature between 26-28 ℃ which is the most comfortable, and the water temperature is about 37-42 ℃. Pour cold water into the basin first, then heat the water, and then try with your wrist or elbow to make the water temperature just right. After washing, hold the neck with the left hand, make the child half sit in the basin to wash the front, then turn over, let the child lie on the left hand, wash the back and lower limbs. After washing the soap, take it out immediately, put it on a large towel, quickly wipe the water drops on the head and body, and finally put the child on the prepared thousand clean clothes and diapers, put them on and wrap them. The whole process needs to be taught quickly to prevent the newborn from getting cold. Generally, the whole process can be completed in 5-10 minutes.

After taking a bath and feeding milk, the baby will rest for a few hours, which is the most comfortable time for the newborn.

Although the newborn is small, it is born clean. If it is not bathed, sweat and the acid excretion of the skin will stimulate the armpit, the prepuce and the root of the newborn, making it erosive. Children are often upset and crying because of pain and discomfort. At this time, taking a bath for the child will make him very comfortable and quiet. Bathing the newborn can not only clean the skin, remove tens of thousands of bacteria on the surface of the skin, but also increase appetite and promote growth. If your baby is born, it’s best to get into the habit of bathing every day as soon as possible.

&Preparation is very important, it is directly related to the process of baby bathing and after care, if you do a good preparation before will play a multiplier role. If you are interested in children’s health habits, please go to this safety net for relevant information