Baby’s skin is different from that of adults. Their skin is thinner and more delicate. Taking a bath every day can make the baby clean, but it may also cause skin dryness. Many mothers like to take a bath for their baby every day. Today, Xiaobian will talk about whether the baby is suitable for taking a bath every day? It’s not what you think.

Whether a baby can take a bath every day varies from person to person

It is understood that the outermost part of human skin is cuticle, and there will not be a lot of skin scale mixed by the auto shedding cuticle and skin sweat. Washing off this part every day has a certain protective effect on the skin. If you bathe too often, the cuticle will be damaged, and its function of protecting the skin will be lost. The water in the skin cells will evaporate more easily, and the skin will be dry.

Zhang Zhimin, chief physician of Health Education Department of Zhengzhou Seventh People’s Hospital, said that bathing is good for cleaning and protecting skin because of sweating in summer, but too much Bathing will have adverse effects. When it comes to the frequency of bathing, Zhang Zhimin thinks it should be different from person to person. For example, the elderly, dry skin or people with itchy skin after bathing should not bathe every day, otherwise it will aggravate the dry skin or cause itching; patients with eczema should mainly use drugs, not bathe frequently, especially the rash should be less washed, not to use boiling water to wash and scald.

For many parents who like to bathe their infants frequently, Zhang Zhimin specially reminds them that since the skin of infants is not fully developed and the sebum secretion is very little, bathing repeatedly with bath fluid or soaking it in water for a long time will wash off the oil protective layer on their body too much, which makes their skin susceptible to external stimulation and produce allergy, resulting in prickly heat.

Experts suggest that for some people, if the habit of taking a bath every day in summer is not easy to change, they should pay special attention to the correct way of taking a bath. For example, the water temperature should not be too high, the bath time should not be too long, do not bathe when you are hungry before meals, and it is not good to bathe immediately after meals.

If you really don’t want to wash, you don’t need to be too guilty. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!