Nowadays, many parents use computers to play audio and video for their babies, play computer games with their babies, watch TV, listen to MP3, play mobile phones, and use iPad to demonstrate games for their babies Because of the popularity of electronic products, parents more or less use electronic products to raise children. But is the way of entertainment and education based on electronic products suitable for children?

TV “nanny”

In order to stabilize children, “TV nanny” has become the best tool for parents. When children are exposed to TV, they are initially aware of cartoons or advertisements. When children are older, parents start to buy them all kinds of cartoons, early education and other DVDs.

Let TV “watch” good children, be a good “nanny” at the same time, DVD class electronic products should have a good educational function. Many children learn by “seeing”. Therefore, the electronic products that educate with stories or full play of imagination or even fantasy are very popular with parents. And children prefer cartoon DVDs, and parents will buy them according to their children’s requirements.

Computer “housekeeper”

In recent years, children using computers are getting older and older. The most common is to play simple games. These games are usually downloaded to them by parents. The choice lies in the parents. Their preferences for the Games determine the types of games.

In the face of fun computer games, many children will be attracted, sitting in front of the computer can be a few hours. Some parents who let their children access to computers think that simply using computers can “manage” their children, especially when they are naughty, they can use computers to restrain them. If they don’t obey, they can even use “don’t play computer for you” as a “threat”.

[supporters] develop ability

Ms. Yan, who lives in Xiangjiang, Jinxiu, is very supportive of her son’s watching TV and playing computer: “when the child was young, I would show him some early education DVDs. When the child was older, I would play computer for him. I think it’s good to contact the computer early. I also support him to play and create conditions for him to play. Playing computer games, can exercise his response, but also to cultivate his character, playing games must accept failure. Besides, I don’t have to worry about his danger when he plays games. “

“Multimedia is a good learning and game tool, which can promote the development of children’s interest, especially the computer, which provides a variety of software. When children touch it, they often can’t let it go. They think it’s more interesting than classroom games.” Zhang, a teacher at Qifu elite kindergarten, thinks it’s OK to let children access computers.

[opposition] disadvantageous

“For my daughter, I never let her touch computer games or even TV,” said Cai, a media worker. Although watching TV and playing computer can help her learn more and develop her reaction and ability, I think it’s better to deal with her friends or play outside. Also, it’s not good for children’s eyes to often face the TV and computer. Adults feel tired for a long time, let alone children? “

3-4 years old is the best time to train children’s computing and thinking ability. If the computer is used to replace the brain, children will lack the opportunity to exercise their own computing ability, which will affect the development of children’s thinking skills and memory for a long time, so it is better to let children use computers less.

The emergence of electronic products really provides us with many conveniences. We have no reason to refuse, but we must make good use of them. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.