Because of our busy life now, sometimes when we adults have something to do or do housework, we will put our children aside to watch TV. Watching TV in this way will do great harm to children. So, has your child been infected with the “virus” of TV?

Watching TV is very harmful to children

(I) children who love watching TV have abnormal physical development

Some lively and active children, once they are addicted to TV, can stay on TV for 1-2 hours, not to mention the damage to eyes and body. Immobility affects children’s digestive ability, makes them anorexic, and is harmful to children’s growth and development. For those children with strong digestive ability, they are full, sit still and watch TV, and gain weight continuously over time. According to the report: after nearly three years of follow-up observation of 33 obese children, the researchers found that in addition to 10% of the obese children are caused by diseases, 10% are inherited from families, and the remaining 80% of the obese children are simple obesity. One of the biggest characteristics of all obese children is that they love watching TV.

(2) children who love watching TV do not like reading

The attraction of TV to children is that the bright colors of TV, constantly changing pictures, music and explanations, constantly stimulate children’s eyes and ears, excite children’s brain, that is to say, all the attention of children is attracted by changing patterns. Therefore, children who love watching TV lose their attraction to books. How can monotonous pictures and boring words match TV In the long run, children lose interest in books. Many of the information transmitted by TV is fragmentary, skimming and jumping, from which children can only get some incomplete and unsystematic knowledge.

Any learning process of children is accompanied by a thinking process, while watching TV does not leave them time and space for thinking. All the contents broadcast on TV are at a glance through audio and video. In the long run, children’s ability of self imagination, self creation and self exertion will be affected, that is to say, TV affects children’s thinking mode, while love electricity Seeing or not loving books eventually causes children not interested in learning. After all, school education is book education. Loving books and reading are the basis of a child’s success. “Thirty years of teaching experience convinced me that students’ intellectual development depends on good reading,” said one education expert And the development of reading ability, interest and habit, like any other ability, needs to lay a foundation in the early stage, otherwise, it is either half the work with half the effort or no effort. Therefore, children are not interested in reading because they are addicted to TV, which is formed in the first few years of their children’s growth. Parents try their best not to let children watch TV, but to make books friends with children as soon as possible, which is the key to children’s interest in learning and learning habits.

(3) children who love watching TV have monotonous interests

The attraction of TV to children makes children sit in front of TV for a long time, and it’s difficult to arouse their children’s interest in various things outside. Parents of such children often have a common feeling that they take their children to learn painting, playing piano, playing chess and exercising, and their children’s interest is not high. In the past, parents didn’t spend less money to take their children to various interest classes, but their children are always not interested in learning Go on, or can’t insist for a long time, give up halfway. The process of learning is a hard process, but TV is entertainment and entertainment. Watching TV for a long time makes children in a loose state, which naturally repels some knowledge and skills that need to pay a certain amount of mental and physical strength. Therefore, such children’s life is monotonous and not vigorous.

(IV) poor social interaction ability of children who love watching TV

Because a large amount of time is occupied by TV, the chances of children’s communication with their families and with the outside world are reduced. They spend a long time alone with TV all day. Their psychological development is hindered. They often imitate the actions and languages of the characters in TV, as if they are the characters in the drama. Such children will be restless without watching TV, and hate to be disturbed when watching TV. Because of children’s poor thinking ability, weak self-control, great plasticity of character and behavior, and strong imitation of children, most of the TV information is swallowed whole, which affects the normal development of thinking, character and behavior, and has a negative effect on children’s psychological development. The constantly reported children’s depression, children’s running away from home, children’s suicide and so on are all related to this 。

(V) children who love watching TV are hard to educate

Children who love watching TV watch TV without “filtering”, and many TV programs belong to the scope of “not suitable for children”. In the process of children’s growth, too early contact with all kinds of bad information that children should not contact will bring difficulties to the positive education of parents and schools, affect the principle of children’s life, and even cause children to commit crimes in the future Road.

Therefore, parents should not underestimate the impact of TV on their children. As the saying goes, “three years old, seven years old”. Once children are addicted to TV, entertainment and recreation become the center of their children’s life. The parents who are light are the redundant people who cultivate a “playboy”, who can do nothing. The heavy ones will bring harm to the family and society. Obsession with TV is not just a matter of hobbies for children. It directly causes children to dislike reading and learning, and affects their attitude towards life as a whole. The main content of life is to create enterprising or entertainment, entertainment, eating, drinking and playing. This road can’t let children go astray.

Please keep your child away from the harm of TV, return to nature and find the real happiness of his childhood. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you!