Summer is coming, and it’s also the season of playing with water. Bathing children has become a necessary lesson for parents every day. Children play all over the body every day sweat, take a bath, clean and heat, but children do not love to take a bath how to do? It is necessary to be careful to let children fall in love with bathing.

Let children fall in love with bathing methods

● 1. Early communication

Before bathing, parents can look at their children and gently tell them in their voice that “the baby is going to take a bath”, so as to give them a psychological preparation. If we insist on doing so, we can also make children gradually realize that bathing is a must, so that they can no longer resist.

● 2. Water volume control

For children under six months, the water volume should be controlled at 5-7cm high when bathing; for children over six months, the water volume can be controlled at the position flush with the waist when the baby is sitting.

● 3. Help undress

When adults undress their children, they should let them lie on their left arm on their back, hold their head with their left hand, control their lower limbs with their elbows and waist, and take off their clothes gently and slowly.

● 4. Contact details

It’s not a small matter for a baby to bathe. Only when the new mother is fully prepared before the baby bathes, can she not be in a hurry. When bathing the baby, it’s better to slowly pour a small amount of water on the baby first, so that he can adapt to the water temperature, and then slowly put the baby into the water.

● 5. Water temperature control

When the water temperature is controlled at about 37 ℃ – 42 ℃, children feel more comfortable. When controlling the water temperature, parents should be extra careful. They can first touch the water with their elbows to feel comfortable.

● 6. Bathing sequence

When bathing children, first wipe their faces, ears, nose and neck, then gradually wipe down their upper limbs, chest and abdomen, and finally their back, legs and buttocks. Note that when bathing the baby, the action should be gentle, and never rub hard.

● 7. Post bath care

After taking a bath, wrap the baby with a large bath towel quickly, and then carefully wipe it in different parts until it is dry and put on clothes. When dressing children, the bath towel should be opened to expose the upper and lower limbs respectively, and should be worn in order.

Moms should remember not to rush to wash in two or three times, to let the baby have a sense of enjoyment, and slowly let the baby fall in love with the bath. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you!