When we get home from work, we sometimes want to play with our mobile phones undisturbed, and we will plug the iPad into our children’s hands to watch ourselves play. Although we know it’s wrong, we can change it into a quiet moment, and we can’t help but do so. But have you ever thought about the harm of children playing iPad?

The harm of children playing with iPad

There are not a few children who like to play with iPads. According to the survey, 82.19% of the 511 respondents’ parents will let their children touch the iPad. These children are basically about 3 years old. They initially hoped to use the iPad to “teach and learn early” their children, but did not expect that many children were fascinated by the game in the end. Another media reported that in a kindergarten in Zhejiang Province, the attraction of iPad to children was far greater than snacks and toys. Among the 36 children in the class, 10 were “cheated” by iPad. To this end, Jiang Jingxiong, a researcher at the children’s health care department of the maternal and child health care center of the China Center for Disease Control and prevention, reminded parents that it is important to teach children to use electronic products reasonably, but not let the iPad steal their children’s health.

Jiang said that two or three-year-old children are curious about new things and have a strong ability to accept them. As a new teaching method, iPad enables children to operate objects intuitively. The vivid interactive mode, together with the pleasant sound and the super dazzling animation elements, makes it easy for children to get started and indulge in it. But for the immature children, bright color and too strong visual stimulation may cause the children’s optic nerve fatigue. Sitting for a long time is not good for children’s physical development. Moreover, relying too much on the iPad, an electronic product, may stifle children’s imagination and creativity, weaken children’s face-to-face communication skills with other people, and make children lonely and lonely by playing alone for a long time.

How can children avoid the harm of electronic products?

“Parents should think carefully before offering their children electronic products.” Jiang pointed out that the following aspects need to be taken into consideration by parents: children under 1.1-3 years old are better not to touch TV or iPad and other electronic products.

2. If the child is particularly interested, the time of each play can be controlled within half an hour, no more than one hour a day.

3. When playing with small electronic products such as mobile phones and iPads, it’s better to stand them up, place them vertically, keep your eyes level, and avoid cervical vertebrae. But don’t let children curl up on the sofa, let alone play on the driving cars and subways.

4. When choosing the game, choose more educational games to avoid the bloody and fierce game.

5. Increase interaction activities with children, spend more time with children to chat and exercise. Don’t let children become “electronic dolls” to liberate themselves.

When children cry when they turn off their electronic devices, what we have to do is not to turn on the devices again, but to think about how to establish rules and find better games and fun to replace electronic devices. For example, play with children for a while building blocks, read picture books, draw a picture, or do crafts, play role-playing, tell a story, etc. If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.