When a baby is a certain age, it’s time to teach him how to use cutlery. When a baby uses a spoon, he can not only satisfy his desire for exploration, but also exercise the muscle movement of fingers, hands, arms and other parts, as well as the coordination of hands and eyes, so as to promote brain development! But for teaching his baby how to use cutlery, it’s a technical job. Let’s teach you with this safety net!

Mother prepare

In addition to the preparation of the baby, the construction of the family environment is equally important to learn to eat properly. If the mother is always afraid of trouble and omits the learning process, or is worried about the baby’s bad work, then the baby will not learn well in the case of insufficient preparation.

Step1: psychological preparation

Baby learning to use tableware is a step-by-step process, mother must have patience! At the beginning, if the baby spills the food carelessly, the mother should not panic, because the baby will naturally learn from the failure, and the mother can also take the opportunity to cultivate the baby’s adaptability in the face of setbacks. And mother training should also consider the development of the baby, in order to avoid sensitive baby frustration. Don’t blame the baby. Give necessary encouragement and timely praise. When the baby is 1 year old, the control and grasping ability of hand muscles are better, the better it will be.

Step2: Environmental preparation

The baby is ready to learn how to eat. The environment is very important! In addition to preparing a pleasant dining environment with comfortable and soft atmosphere, it is also equally important for mom to choose a suitable set of small tables and chairs. I suggest mom to prepare the environment at the beginning of the training, prepare a fixed dining position for the baby, a table and tableware suitable for him, and enclose his bib to avoid soiling his clothes. In addition, tablecloth should not be laid on the dining table, so as not to distract the baby or pull it carelessly. The simpler the environment is, the better. In this way, the baby is less likely to be disturbed by external forces, and it is easier to concentrate on eating; and the distance between the dining table and the dining chair should not be too far, so as to avoid that the baby cannot reach it.

Step3: tableware preparation

Use baby’s special tableware, because it can enhance the baby’s interest in eating. Bright and bright colors will directly stimulate the baby’s visual organs. In addition, most of the children’s tableware are designed into exquisite cartoon shapes, so the baby’s attention is easily attracted and can generate a happy mood. Under the natural curiosity and strong control desire of the baby, he may be very active in asking to feed himself, which greatly enhances the interest of the baby in eating. It is very beneficial for the physical and mental health of a baby to eat in a fresh and bright environment.

In addition, when learning to use chopsticks, first let the baby pick up some larger, easy to pick up food, even if half way down, parents do not blame. Necessary encouragement should be given. In addition, because the gastrointestinal tract of the baby is still very fragile, so mother should not forget to do a good job in disinfection of tableware after dinner! If the novice parents are not sure about the temperature, the baby’s special warm bowl, warm spoon and other props are also a good choice.

Baby tableware practice

Moms, now let’s teach the baby to eat by himself! Train your baby’s good eating habits as early as possible. If it’s too late for your baby to develop dependency!

Soup spoon

Generally, when the baby is 9 months old, he will start to be interested in the spoon, and even reach for the spoon in his mother’s hand. At this time, the mother should let the baby try to use it, so as not to miss the best training period.

At the beginning, the mother can assist from the side. If the baby accidentally drops the spoon on the ground, the mother should also guide patiently. Never criticize the baby severely, so as to prevent the baby from rejecting learning.


After 10 months, the mother can prepare a light bowl with a wide bottom for the baby to try. Because the baby’s strength is small, so don’t put more than one third of the things in the bowl; the baby may not know how to drink one mouthful, and the mother can also help adjust the amount of food each time.

After 2 years old, the mother can let the baby learn to hold the bowl in one hand and eat with a spoon in the other hand. At this time, the mother can give the baby a light and strong bowl which is not easy to slide and suitable for the shape of the hand, and first demonstrate the posture of holding the bowl for the baby to see, and then let the baby imitate, such as pressing the thumb belly on the surface edge of the bowl, putting three fingers outside the little finger on the bottom edge of the bowl and other simple actions.


When the baby is about 1 year old, the mother can use the learning cup to teach the baby to use the cup. At the beginning, the baby should hold his hands on the third of the cup, and then lift it carefully to avoid spilling the contents. Persevere, wait until the baby is about 3 years old, you can use the cup very naturally.


Chopsticks are difficult to use and belong to fine movements. It is recommended that the mother wait for her baby to practice after 2 years old. Baby to use special chopsticks for children, relatively short and light, baby easy to master. The mother can tell the baby how to hold the chopsticks with her hands. She should use her thumb, index finger and ring finger to hold the chopsticks, and use the tiger’s mouth to open and close the chopsticks. The process of learning to use chopsticks lasts until the baby is 6 years old, so it’s not necessary for the mother to be too harsh.

Xiaobian suggested that parents should have enough patience and teach slowly. In addition, it’s not necessary for children to learn to use tableware from beginning to end. We are still in line with the principle of making the baby understand that eating is a relaxing and happy thing! If you want to know more about how to disinfect children’s tableware, you can go to Baibai safety net to search!