In the mother’s eyes, there is nothing more gratifying to her mother than to see the baby lying on the soft towel. But there are often young mothers who have trouble bathing their babies.

It’s better not to use moisturizer when baby takes a bath within one year old

Cao Chunlan, chief physician of children’s health clinic of Shenyang maternal and child health care institute, pointed out that babies under one year old have a layer of sebum membrane which can protect their skin. It is suggested that parents only use clear water to bathe their babies and do not over apply moisturizer after bathing.

Generally speaking, the baby within 6 months has a small amount of activity, and the body is usually clean. Try not to contact chemical synthetic cleaning products, and do not advocate using soap or bath fluid containing soap base to bathe the baby. If the baby has eczema, it can only bathe with water and shampoo.

If you need mosquito control in summer, you can add a few drops of homemade chrysanthemum water or honeysuckle water to the bath water. Try not to put chemical mosquito control water.

After the baby is one year old, it’s better to bathe with clear water. Only when there is grease and oil scale that is difficult to clean, use some bath fluid again, or use it once a week, and the bath speed should be fast, so as to protect the sebum film on the baby’s skin surface.

“When you need to choose shampoo, bath and skin care products for your baby, mothers should also try to choose products with no fragrance or light fragrance. The simpler the function is, the better. They should also look for some plant-based products. Such products will have fewer additives, which is more reassuring.” Cao said.

Main food try to eat breast milk

Auxiliary food made by mother herself

After so many food safety storms, more and more mothers realize that no milk powder can match their mother’s natural and healthy milk.

For babies under 6 months, if the mother can breastfeed, she must not give up breast milk as the main food of her baby. As we all know, breast milk has too many advantages. “It is recommended that the baby be exclusively breastfed within 6 months, and preferably breastfed to at least one year of age.” Director Cao pointed out.

In addition, there are a variety of finished baby purees, vegetable purees and rice flour products on the market waiting for mothers to choose, which are very suitable for young professional mothers to choose. Moreover, these products are labeled with comprehensive nutrition, strict hygiene and other information, so that more people like to choose. However, it is recommended that mothers make their own complementary food for their babies, which is a healthier choice.

About ten years ago, when there was almost no ready-made food, mothers made their own complementary food. Although it was difficult to achieve the nutritional indicators of the finished complementary food, it was guaranteed to be pure natural, without additives, and fresh. Besides, as long as we pay attention to the variety, we will also have a complete intake of various nutrients.

For a one-year-old baby, it’s a very weak group, so we should take care of her patiently. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!