Don’t be careless in cold winter. The temperature is changeable in winter, the air is getting drier and drier, and the temperature keeps falling. For immature babies, a series of discomfort will appear because they can’t adapt to the climate change, and even they will be covered with diseases. Therefore, cold winter is easy to get sick, and babies have many benefits of cold water washing their faces.

You can wash your baby’s face with cold water. Generally, when people are stimulated by cold air, the nasal mucosa contracts, the ciliary peristalsis of the respiratory tract slows down, the blood vessels contract, and the secretion is reduced, which can cause the resistance to be weakened. Cold water gives skin cold stimulation, which can enhance immunity and resistance. It’s better to wash face with cold water step by step. For babies who have never washed face with cold water, they can pat face with cold water at first, and then wash face with cold water every morning after baby’s skin gradually adapts. Eczema often occurs in infants with allergic constitution, and its parts are all over the face, neck, elbow, knee fossa and the back of limbs, showing symptoms such as erythema, thickened and rough skin. As long as eczema does not fester, it can be washed with cold water, and cold water scrubbing can relax pores and blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, accelerate metabolism of skin cells, and effectively prevent the occurrence of skin diseases.

A good way to treat chaps is:

1. Soak the cracked part in hot water for a few minutes before going to bed to soften it, then take 2-3 pieces of cod liver oil, squeeze out the liquid and smear it on the cracked part, once a night, and it will heal in one week.

2. Mix the vinegar and glycerin in the proportion of 5:1, and rub the affected area twice a day, the skin will become smooth and tender.

3. Boil the two eggs, put the yolk in an iron pot, boil it into oil with a small fire, cool it and apply it on the surface of chapped skin, several times a day, three or four days can cure.

4. Peel and mash one potato after it is cooked, mix with a little Vaseline, put it into a clean bottle, smear the affected area 1-3 times a day, and it will recover in a few days. (outside the silence) a small frostbite was born on the baby’s little ear, which made her mother die. Today, I bought two hats for my baby. Ha ha, a red one and a white one. They are beautiful. Today, my mother took a picture of me!

Experts talk about the wonderful use of honey honey on the hands and feet chapped, stomatitis, frostbite, scald and other dermatitis diseases have a certain effect. Before frostbite ulcer, you can gently wash the affected area and apply the ointment without frostbite; or mix honey and cooked lard in the proportion of 7:3, after cooling, apply once a day to the local area; you can also use laser, infrared ray to irradiate the affected area or relevant acupoints for treatment. At the same time, in order to speed up the blood circulation of chilblain, the affected area should be massaged and bandaged to keep warm.

Warm tip: it is a habit for children to wash their faces. It takes a certain time to form a good habit, so parents should be patient to accompany children to form this good habit. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!