One of the biggest headaches in winter is to bathe the baby, wash it, worry about the cold, don’t wash it, and sanitation is not up to standard. So, how to bathe your baby in winter? It’s hard for a newborn to bathe? Teach you a few ways never to worry!

4 preparations before bathing

The choice of bath temperature of newborn

The temperature of bath water suitable for newborns is exquisite, 38 ℃ – 39 ℃ in summer and 40 ℃ – 41 ℃ in autumn and winter.

The choice of bath time for newborn

The bathing time of the newborn should be arranged 1-2 hours before feeding to avoid vomiting. No more than 10 minutes at a time.

Choice of soap for newborn

It should be better to use the special soap for newborns which is more oily, less alkaline and less irritant.

Towel selection for newborns

In towel selection, should choose soft towel, because baby’s skin is more delicate, thick and hard towel or bath ball is easy to scratch baby’s skin. In order to keep the skin clean, you can use two towels, one for wiping the face and the other for wiping the body, especially for baby girls, to avoid infection of the face due to bacteria in the body parts.

◆ bathing method of newborn

1. Holding bath method.

Wash your face and head first, then your trunk and limbs, and finally your hips. When washing the head and face, the baby’s head is forward. Parents support the baby’s shoulder and back with their left forearm. The left armpit holds the baby’s hip, and the left hand holds the baby’s head. The thumb and middle finger block the ear from behind, so as to prevent water from entering. Wash your baby’s face with your right hand first (no shower gel is needed), then wash your hair and dry it. Then start washing the trunk, limbs and hips. You should especially wash your elbows, armpits, neck and thighs.

2. Basin bath method.

Soak the gauze in the bathtub, wring it to wipe the face, then take off the clothes, clean the buttocks with the changed diapers or clothes; hold the baby ‘ Water.

Wash from the neck, then to the hands and feet. When washing the baby’s back, use one hand to support the front of the body, turn the baby over and wash it from the back to the bottom. To use the baby shower gel which is oily and alkaline, put it on the towel for bathing, and then rub it on the baby. After washing the whole body, wash the foam with water and gauze.

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