Bathing can promote the harmony of parent-child relationship and make the baby closer to the mother. 71% of parents said that after bathing the baby, they feel closer to the baby. But do you know the steps of bathing a baby?

Stage bathing method for newborn babies

In the first week after birth, the umbilical cord of the new baby has not yet fallen off. At this time, we can use the “staged bathing method”:

Take off the baby’s clothes and wrap them around the baby’s chest and abdomen to keep warm. First, wash your face, head and neck. Be careful not to let water flow into your ears. Use your left elbow and waist to hold your baby’s buttocks, left palm and left arm to hold your baby’s head, and use your right hand to clean it slowly.

Wash your face – gently wipe it with a cloth or towel.

Eye wash – wipe from inner corner to outer corner.

Wash forehead – gently wipe the forehead from the center of the brow to both sides.

Ear Wash – gently wipe the auricle and the back of the ear after wrapping your fingers in a towel.

Shampoo – pour the baby’s special shampoo which is not irritating to the eyes on the hand, gently rub it to make bubbles, and then gently rub it on the baby’s head. Pay attention not to touch the baby’s scalp with fingernails, but use the belly of fingers. If there is dirt on the baby’s scalp, you can apply baby oil on the baby’s head before bathing, which can soften and remove the scale more easily. Then wash the shampoo on the newborn’s head.

It’s learned to wash body for BB

If the umbilical cord of the newborn has not fallen off, the upper and lower body should be washed separately to avoid wetting the umbilical cord and causing inflammation. First wash the baby’s upper body, take the same position when washing his hair, and then wash the neck, armpit, chest, back, arms and hands of the newborn in turn. Then wash the lower body, lean the head of the newborn against the left elbow socket, hold the left thigh of the newborn with the left hand, and wash the perineum, buttocks, thighs, calves and feet of the newborn in turn.

The broken end of the umbilical cord of the newborn is a wound. Once the nursing is improper, the bacteria may enter the human body through the umbilical cord, resulting in septicemia and threatening the health of the newborn. Therefore, the newborn umbilical cord care needs mothers’ attention. The main measure of umbilical nursing is to keep the wound clean and dry. After cleaning, 75% alcohol cotton rod can be used to disinfect the root of umbilical cord and surrounding skin, and then covered with sterilized gauze. Pay special attention not to wet the navel when bathing, in addition, if the umbilical cord is dry, there is no need to cover the gauze.

&No matter how you play in the bath, your baby can be taught to take turns and play together. Embracing your baby after a bath and sharing time with others can show him that he is loved and help build his self-esteem. If you have any questions about children’s health habits and other home-based knowledge, please continue to pay attention to Baibai safety net children’s personal health and safety common sense column.