When a baby is born, it will take a thin layer of milky white oil on the skin. The amount of fetal fat covered by different parts varies. Some parts are more and some parts are less. This is the fat brought out by the mother’s belly, which is called “fetal fat” in medicine. But the baby bathes to remove the fetal fat, the manual removal is not feasible, this is how to return a responsibility?

1. Fetal fat

Just born baby skin surface or adhere to a layer of white greasy material, some places more, some places less, this is brought out from the mother’s stomach, known as fetal fat.

II. Function of fetal fat

Fetal fat is actually the protective membrane of the fetus. Fetal fat in the uterus can protect the normal development of the fetus in amniotic fluid. After birth, it can also protect the fetus from the outside world. There are a lot of bacteria in the air, and the external temperature is not as constant as in the womb, so at this time, it can protect the newborn’s immature skin from the invasion of bacteria. It can protect the division and regeneration of skin cells, and at the same time, it can also play the role of heat preservation, so as to avoid the cold and fever caused by the temperature change of the baby, and protect the life safety of the newborn to the greatest extent.

III. do not use bath gel for bathing

It is not advisable for many parents to apply bath gel or soap to their newborns when they bathe them. Newborn’s skin is also tender, which is likely to cause new skin itching or skin sensitivity when applied, so it’s better not to use bath gel or soap to bathe the baby.

IV. warm water for baby shower

Before bathing the baby, parents must try the water temperature, which is controlled at 38-41 ℃. It’s better to use a thermometer to check the temperature of the water, because the baby is sensitive to the water temperature. Even if the adult thinks the water temperature is normal, but for the baby, the temperature may be too high, which will burn the baby’s skin red. In addition, parents should be gentle when wiping dust or sweat on the baby’s skin surface, so as not to hurt the skin.

V. do not remove the fetal fat manually

Many parents will take artificial methods to remove the fetal fat on their baby’s skin when they see it, which is not necessary at all. The fetal fat will be absorbed by the baby slowly. As soon as the time is long, the fetal fat will naturally fall off, so there is no need to remove it manually.

&Finally, we would like to say that the world health organization does not recommend that newborns take a bath immediately after birth, which will damage the natural protection of fetal fat for babies. If you want to know more about children’s health habits, you can go to Baibai safety net to search