What should you pay attention to when bathing your baby? Mom and dad must be very careful, so that you can help your baby clean smoothly. The following 100 hundred safety net small edition tells you that it’s not difficult for a newborn baby to bathe. The key is how do you do it?

Take a bath for your new baby

The baby’s bathtub is best used exclusively. Before washing, first brush the basin clean, mother’s personal hygiene should be done well, and then prepare large towels, clothes, cloth bags, diapers, etc. The room temperature is best at 24 ℃, the water temperature is about 37-38 ℃, or test the water with an adult elbow, and feel it is not cold or hot.

Take a bath for the baby, gently and nimbly. With the navel as the boundary, wash in two parts. First, make the child lie on his back. The mother holds the child’s pillow with her left hand. Press the children’s ears forward with the thumb and middle finger, and stick them on the front face of the ears to prevent the face washing water from pouring into the ears. Children’s buttocks and waist are clamped under the armpit of adults, and their back is lying on the left front buttock of adults. After fixation, dip the right hand in warm boiled water with a small towel, and first wash the secretion of both eyes (from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye), the back of the ear, neck, chest, back, double armpits, upper limbs and hands. The palm of the newborn’s hand is very tight, it should be broken and cleaned. When scrubbing the abdomen, do not wet the umbilical cord. After that, turn the baby upside down, put the baby’s head on the mother’s left chest, hold the baby’s left thigh with his left hand, wash the perineum groin and buttocks with a small towel soaked in water with his right hand (the baby girl must wash from front to back), and finally wash the legs and feet. Soap is generally not required.

After washing, immediately wrap the baby with a large towel, dry it gently, pay special attention to the skin wrinkles, and then apply a thin layer of baby powder. Do not put balm or cream on your face to avoid skin irritation. If there is a dry scab in the nasal cavity, gently twist it out with a wet cotton stick, and finally dip the cotton ball in peanut oil to smear it on the hair.

Some parents like to squeeze their baby’s breast after bathing (especially when the baby has a temporary breast enlargement about one week after birth). They think that if they don’t squeeze, the baby will be a “concave nipple” in the future, but you should never do so, because it may cause infection.

When bathing, parents should speak gently to their baby. When bathing the baby, you can bathe the baby alone, or parents can bathe the baby together. &Nbsp; if you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!