The popularity of computers at least shows that computers and networks have their own unique advantages in sharing resources and expanding knowledge, and it is not realistic to isolate children from computers and other electronic products. But is it better for children to learn computer as early as possible?

Can children learn computer as early as possible?

Everything has its two sides, such as from the physical and mental characteristics of children, learning computer too early has more disadvantages than advantages. Why? For the following reasons:

1. Bad for eyes

The interactivity of the computer and its exquisite effect of sports sound and painting have an irresistible magic to children and even adults. In the operation, we need to focus on the computer screen for a long time, which is very bad for children’s eyes.

2. Electromagnetic radiation affects the development of brain cells in children

For a long time in front of the computer screen, children will be exposed to electromagnetic radiation for a long time, which will affect their developing brain cells.

3. Affect the development of social skills

Young children are in an important period of developing social skills, and communication with partners is an important way to acquire this skill. But paying attention to computers too early can easily make them attached to computers, reduce their interest in communication with small partners, and be reluctant to integrate into the surrounding environment.

4. Affect the development of thinking skills and memory

3-4 years old is the best time to train children’s counting and thinking ability. If computer is used instead of brain, children will lack the opportunity to exercise their own computing ability, which will affect the development of children’s thinking skills and memory for a long time. Moreover, long-term use of computer is easy to make people’s thinking mode monotonous and limit the fluency of people’s thinking.

5. Knowledge learned is easily outdated

The update speed of computer knowledge is changing with each passing day, and the original knowledge will soon be out of date. For example, DOS system was the mainstream in the sixties and seventies, but now DOS is of little use to ordinary users. The trend of computer development is to operate more and more simply and learn more and more easily. If you don’t dream of turning your child into a computer expert, but just like most people, people who use computers as tools, there’s no need to learn too early.

Education experts believe that for children under 3 years old, language development, hand brain coordination and muscle development are more important. Children should be allowed to play more hands-on creative games and play with their partners when they are young, focusing on cultivating their ability to deal with people and specific events. The focus of 3-4-year-old children’s education is not to develop intelligence, but to create an equal, democratic and harmonious family atmosphere, so as to cultivate children’s sound personality, good behavior habits and sense of responsibility. Don’t rush your children to learn computer.

It can be seen that it is not necessarily a good thing for children to learn computer early! If his parents want him to learn more knowledge, it is the best choice to buy a small cognitive book published by a professional publishing house, which is economical and affordable. Moreover, such a cognition is faster than that through a computer, and it is not easy to hurt his eyes. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you!