Many parents think that the action and sound of TV can stimulate the senses at the same time, so as to attract children’s attention. Moreover, because the action itself is easy to perceive, rather than dry words, it can improve children’s interest. Maybe I wonder if my child can watch TV. It’s said that children can’t watch TV well. What’s the reason?

What is the reason why children don’t watch TV well?

(1) it is easy to damage children’s eyesight, which is harmful to the development of body and sports ability. Many “small glasses” are caused by the bad habit of watching TV. As a result of long-term sit down, children are likely to miss the golden time of proprioception and development of various sports skills. If the formation of bad sitting habits, may also affect the development of the body.

(2) it is not good for children’s attention development. Children are attracted by TV information, often pay too much attention for a long time, which is easy to damage their attention distribution ability. Attention deficit will lead to the decline of learning ability and thinking ability.

(3) it is not good for the development of social skills. Due to the lack of interaction when watching TV, children are easy to develop the habit of passive information reception, and even lead to the bad personality of being withdrawn and introverted.

Parents should realize that TV can’t replace free exploration, games, communication and parent-child reading. Parents should reasonably arrange their children’s work and rest, strictly control the family’s TV time, and interact with their children more. Moreover, they should choose programs with simple stimulation and good aesthetic effect as much as possible.

The above are some reasons why the children introduced by Xiaobian are not good at watching TV. As a parent, we should discuss the TV programs so that the children know that the TV programs are produced, not necessarily represent the real life, and should accept them selectively. If you are interested in children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.