Baby born lively, always like to touch East, West touch. If you play with the socket and charger, you may get electric shock if you don’t pay attention. Baibai safety net will learn with you how to prevent children from electric shock at home.

The main reasons of electric shock are as follows:

Some naughty children like to play with wire sockets. They insert metal tools such as tweezers into the double holes of electric sockets. Because of short circuit, their bodies are ejected by strong current.

With the popularity of mobile phone users, there are many children who like to play with chargers, which are the hidden dangers of electric shock accidents.

The main responsibility of causing children’s electric shock lies in parents’ improper care of children.

Prevention of electric shock for baby

1. Parents should strengthen education and supervision at ordinary times. For example, lighters, electric heaters, rechargeable mobile phones, etc. should not be placed where children can get them, and power switches, especially sockets, should not be touched by children.

2. For the power line of household appliances, do not connect or pull randomly, which can reduce the occurrence of electric shock accidents.

3. When purchasing electric toys, we should pay attention to the identification of manufacturers, pay special attention to the design and safety of video games, which can greatly reduce the probability of children’s electric shock.

In a word, electric shock is very dangerous for children. We should teach them how to prevent electric shock! To prevent children’s electric shock, parents should not only verbally warn that “electricity is very dangerous, do not touch electrical appliances casually”, but also let children understand the principle of electric shock and how to avoid it in life. The preventive effect is better.