Bathing your baby should be a time for you to get in touch with your baby and enjoy it. But it’s also a time to be alert. How to bathe your baby, so that your mother and child can enjoy a good bath time and ensure enough safety?

The safety of bathing

1. Install a hook and eye lock at the higher position of the room door, and lock it when you don’t use the bathroom.

2. The bathroom should also be locked – this can prevent children from falling into the toilet. Mark Windham, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania, said: ‘not only do children have poor coordination at this time, but they are also heavy enough. It’s very easy for them to lose their balance when leaning against the toilet, and if they fall head down, they will be drowned in water only an inch deep.

3. Take away sharp appliances from the bathroom, such as razors, scissors and hair dryer, etc. It’s better to put them in your own bedroom, or in a small closet at a higher position, so that children don’t get them.

4. Do not plug in the electric appliance near the bathtub. Because the water is conductive, once your baby’s hair dryer falls into the bath tub, you will both get an electric shock.

5. Manage chemicals including antacids, iron supplements, cosmetics and mouthwashes (which are higher than alcohol in wine) – keep them in a safe place.

6. The temperature of the water heater should be set below 120 degrees Fahrenheit, because the lower water temperature can reduce the chance of scalding (because children only need 3 seconds to be scalded).

7. Put a non slip pad in the bathtub to avoid injury.

8. Install a rubber protective sleeve at the water spout to avoid baby’s head injury.

9. Never leave the baby alone in the bathtub, even for one minute. If someone knocks, wrap the baby in a towel and hold him to open the door. If you’re afraid you can’t answer the phone, you can take the cordless phone to the bathroom.

10. You should always teach your baby to sit in the bathtub – and repeat it repeatedly, so that he can remember.

From the above we learned that although bathing is very comfortable and fun, it is also a lot of hidden dangers for the baby. If you are not careful, you may slip, knock your head, or even drown. It is very dangerous for your baby to take a bath. Parents should pay special attention to it! &Nbsp; if you are interested in the common sense of children’s health habits, please check and search our Baibai safety net!