“The baby doesn’t go out to sleep all day, so he doesn’t need to take a bath”, this is the wrong view! In fact, the baby’s body is very easy to dirty, from the birth of the baby, every day to take a bath for the baby. However, it’s very important to warm up your baby before taking a bath. Try it together!

Efficacy: warm up massage before bathing can improve the condition of various organs and systems of baby’s body, improve the excitability of nervous system, and help baby better adapt to the needs of bathing; at the same time, it also has a certain role in preventing muscle twitch and “bathing phobia”.

Stroking steps:

Step 1: put baobaoping on the baby’s special bathtub hammock, and pour warm water into the tub. The mother first wet the index finger, middle finger and ring finger, then close the fingers together, and gently caress the baby’s face, chest and limbs with a circle drawing technique.

Step 2: take a little water from the basin and pour it on the baby’s abdomen. Write a capital English letter “I” down on the baby’s left upper abdomen with the right index finger abdomen, then write an inverted “L” from the right upper abdomen to the right, and finally write an inverted “u”.

Step 3: gently press the baby’s groin (the connection between the lower abdomen and bilateral lower limbs, the area on both sides of the genitals) several times, then gently squeeze the root of the baby’s thigh, repeatedly move up and down, and finally rub the two legs with both hands.

Touch and massage of clean scalp

Efficacy: enhance the resistance of the baby’s scalp, prevent the hair follicle damage caused by shaving, and eliminate the eschar formed by grease, dandruff, sweat and other dirt.


The time of stroking before bathing should not be too long, so as to prevent the baby from getting cold. In the process of caressing, the mother should keep her hands wet or regularly drench the baby with a little water to make it easier for the baby to take a bath.

Xiaobian suggested that newborns do not have to bathe frequently. The perspiration of newborn is limited, so you don’t need to take a bath every day. You can wash it every other day in hot days and every other two days in cold days. If you have any questions about children’s health habits and other knowledge about children’s home, please continue to pay attention to the personal health and safety knowledge column of Baibai safety net.