With children, we have a complete home, but children are more naughty. If we don’t pay attention to children, they will stumble. In the design of children’s room, we should not only pay attention to the design link, to create a colorful fairy tale kingdom for children, but also pay attention to practical functions, after all, safety first, so the decoration and safety of children’s room is too important, do you make it?

Children’s room decoration safety is the first priority

1. Furniture, accessories and toy parts should not be too small. In order to avoid accidents caused by swallowing and eating by mistake, the size of decorative parts in furniture, ornaments and toys should not be too small and easy to fall off. Although the baby after the age of 4 has some common sense of safety, some babies like to bite some small things in their mouth and play out of curiosity or habit, which can not be completely avoided, and accidents caused by this are not uncommon, parents should pay more attention.

2. There are hidden dangers in folding furniture. Try to avoid using heavy folding furniture, or setting protection settings on folding tables, chairs or sports equipment, so as to avoid pinch injury or even death accident during handling and collision.

3. The power switch and socket shall have corresponding protection measures. Try to fix the power socket in the place that the child can’t reach. It’s better to choose the kind of safety socket to prevent electric shock, so as to avoid the danger of baby inserting fingers or other conductive bodies into the power supply.

4. Children’s bed should be designed with guardrail to prevent children from falling off the bed and causing brain or body damage. Especially the elevated bed needs special attention. You can also put carpet, plastic mat or other soft protective materials around the bed.

5. Pay attention to avoid parts or structures with edges and corners during furniture and decoration, and prevent children from bumping and bruise when playing.

Therefore, we say that in the process of family decoration, the decoration of children’s room is extremely important. If you want to know more about what kind of good information about children’s protective fence, you can log in to Baibai safety net, more details are waiting for you!