In life, we always see some reports of children’s electric shock. Most parents are always panicking when they encounter this situation, and few know how to give first aid when it is critical. Today, Xiaobian is going to popularize for you what to do after your child’s electric shock?

Electric shock and lightning stroke accidents will cause burns, breathing and cardiac arrest. Sometimes the impact of electric shock will cause the whole body to be bounced up, resulting in bruises and fractures. Most of the causes of electric shock are not turning off the electric conductors such as washing machine and TV, touching the electric appliances with wet hands, the wires are damaged, and the wires outside the house are broken and dropped.

What should children do after getting an electric shock?

In these cases, parents should seize every minute to get children out of the power supply as quickly as possible.

1. Turn off the main power supply as much as possible

(1) if you can’t do this, stand on something insulated, such as a rubber carpet or a pile of dry newspapers. Use two methods to make the source, use some dry non-conductive things, such as wooden chair or wooden broom handle to pull the wire or remove the child.

(2) if there is no applicable article, wrap the hand with dry cloth or dry newspaper as much as possible, grasp the child’s clothes and avoid touching the child’s skin.

2. Check whether the child is conscious

(1) if you are delirious, you should check your breath and take artificial respiration immediately if necessary. If there is still breathing, put the child in a recovery position.

(2) if the mind is clear, pacify and reassure the child. Check all symptoms caused by electric shock.

(3) check the burn condition: check the body contact power supply and the two parts of the ground. The burn area appears to be red or scorched, or swollen. No matter what symptoms appear, it should be treated as severe burn.

Electric current can make it enter the body and leave the body two places to produce burns, so children’s electric burns mostly occur in the body touch power supply and contact the ground two parts. Although the burn appears to be small in area, the wound is deep.

If the child has any of the following conditions, he / she shall be sent to the hospital immediately after emergency treatment:

(1) unconsciousness (i.e. loss of consciousness) is an emergency even if it is only a few seconds.

(2) any electric burn.

The burn wound caused by low voltage current is small, with regular edge and clear boundary with healthy skin. The wounds were scorched yellow or brown black, which could reach the subcutaneous fat layer, mostly in the arms and feet. The burns caused by high-voltage electricity or lightning are large in area and deep in wound. Sometimes electric burn marks or lightning stripes can be seen.

If the electric shock time is short, there is only a short time of dizziness; palpitation or mild nausea. At this time, although the degree is light, it also needs to go to the hospital for examination. The doctor will check the electrocardiogram. Sometimes there is nodal rhythm or presynaptic contraction, which is caused by the strong stimulation of electric current on the cardiac conduction system.

For mild pre systole, it can recover quickly after observation and treatment. However, it must be noted that frequent ventricular premature contraction can be converted to ventricular tachycardia, and if not treated in time, it can be converted to ventricular fibrillation and lead to death. And this process, it is the performance of electric injury from light to heavy, must be dealt with in time. If the electric shock lasts for a long time. The amount of current flowing through the body is large, which will inevitably aggravate the damage of the body. The sick child may be in a coma state, the blood pressure drops rapidly, the breath is fast and shallow, and even stops. Irregular rhythm, even ventricular fibrillation, cardiac arrest. In case of such situation, mouth to mouth artificial respiration and extra thoracic heart massage should be done, and immediately sent to the hospital for rescue.

It is the most important to prevent children’s electric shock. Children should be taught not to play with electrical appliances at ordinary times, especially not to touch the power supply and electrical appliances with wet hands. It is safer to use stay wire switch in the house. Regularly check whether the electrical devices and leakage switches are normal. It is not allowed to approach the place where the wire is broken and should be repaired in time. Avoid hiding under big trees during thunderstorms.

It can be seen that it is very important to grasp the golden time of first aid when a child is electrocuted. Don’t underestimate these golden methods of first aid. They may come into use at a critical time. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention knowledge, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hope to help you!