For the new mother, after a hard pregnancy, to see her baby is very lovely, is also very happy. However, there are many details to pay attention to in the feeding and nursing of newborn babies. So, if the newborn baby is afraid of birth, it’s better to try to talk with TA when bathing and nursing!

Talk to your baby during feeding and bathing

When a full moon baby is held vertically in a dimly lit room, he will open his eyes; he likes to look at the face, especially at his mother’s loving smile after eating; he likes to be held up to talk with him and make him laugh; he likes to listen to his mother’s heartbeat or heartbeat recording; he often welcomes, hates and refuses sweet, sour and bitter with a smile, a wrinkled nose, an outstretched tongue or a struggle; he looks at his mother timely and repeatedly Auditory stimulation has primary memory ability.

Exercise the neck to gradually support the weight of the head. Watch the toys that can move and make sounds, watch the outdoor scenery, and arouse the baby’s interest in the scenery. Recognize the figures, and use the method of prolonging the fixation time to distinguish the new figures that have been seen from those that have not been seen.

Let the family talk to the baby when changing diapers, feeding milk and bathing, let the baby recognize the face and family. Touching the body, amusing, eye contact, the taste and temperature of breast milk will make the baby safer and more comfortable; cuddling, lifting, changing position, etc. will make the baby feel care, trust and kindness to mom and dad.

The first skill of hand training is to make the baby grasp with soft voice toys and hold the object firmly. Music rotating toys and eight tone boxes can make the baby hear wonderful music while watching the toys, so as to review fetal education music, consolidate music memory, and enlighten the right brain to enjoy the function of beauty. If the infant does not review, the influence of prenatal education will disappear within half a year.

Living in a happy environment, there are often people laughing, the baby will laugh earlier, the sooner it will laugh the wiser, happy mood can promote the brain development of infants. When teasing the baby, tickle the body, touch the face, and use happy voice, expression and action to infect the baby. The baby’s eyes gradually become soft and relaxed, with small wrinkles on the corner of the eyes, a slight upward corner of the mouth, and a happy smile.

When bathing and dressing, you can bend your elbows and extend your elbows up and down, so that your body can move, your skin can be stroked, and your whole body can be massaged, which can promote the development of your limbs, and also meet the needs of your baby’s skin for full contact and friction.

In short, only pay attention to these details, the baby will grow very healthy. If you want to know more about what health habits children need to cultivate, this website has a lot of relevant knowledge for you to find, hoping to help you!