Now, on holidays, some children sit in front of the TV all day long until they say goodbye on the TV; some children hold tablet computers or sit in front of desktop computers and play games for more than ten hours; some parents, in order to encourage their children to get good grades in the exam, use watching TV and playing computer as a reward method, and buy various snacks for their children 。 But how to keep children away from TV computer syndrome? Keep children away from TV and computer syndrome. Look here!

Keep children away from TV and computer syndrome

“TV computer syndrome” often damages the health of eyes, bones, intestines and stomach, at the same time, it will affect children’s attention, reduce their expression ability and reaction ability First of all, long time staring at the TV screen will lead to eye fatigue, and consume a lot of retinal rhodopsin, which significantly affects vision Secondly, children may lie down or watch TV depending on various postures, which may cause neck soft tissue strain or cervical spondylosis for a long time. Third, some children watch TV while eating or snacks while watching TV, which will reduce the secretion of gastric juice, bile or pancreatic juice, increase the burden of gastrointestinal, leading to dyspepsia or stomach disease More attention should be paid to the fact that “TV computer children” focus too much on watching TV and playing computer, and their attention, ambition and desire for knowledge will also decrease; their addiction to TV and computer will also reduce their communication with their families and the outside world, which will affect their expression ability and reaction.

Because children often lack self-control, the best doctor to prevent TV computer syndrome is parents, parents should correctly guide children to watch TV scientifically. The time of watching TV every day should be controlled at 1 to 2 hours; the distance between people and TV should be about 3 meters, and the height of TV should be parallel to people’s vision; every half an hour, children should rest for a while, do eye exercises and outdoor activities; at the same time, they should keep a correct posture, not to tilt around; do not watch TV during meals; wash face after watching TV Remove the dust and microorganism containing static electricity from the air. It’s very important for children who use computers to protect their eyes. Parents should pay special attention to their children’s eyesight when teaching them computers. When using computers, they should have a rest every 10 minutes, look out of the window, do eye exercises at least twice a day, and eat more food beneficial to their eyesight, such as fish, eggs, green vegetables, etc. When choosing a computer, you should consider choosing LCD or flat panel display. It is particularly noteworthy that parents should help children choose healthy and up-to-date TV programs suitable for their age, and guide and educate children to watch less or no stimulating and emotional programs. To help children have a meaningful summer vacation with a colorful holiday life.

Bai Bai safety net suggests that the whole family take a trip and leave all the itineraries in the charge of the children. No matter what the children forget to take, they should not correct it. They should learn to be ruthless, let the children find their own mistakes, use their brains to find solutions to the difficulties and master the methods. If you want to know more about electric shock prevention for children at home, please continue to pay attention to the recent update of Baibai safety net.