It’s summer vacation again. Are parents still worried about their children’s daily staring at mobile phones and watching TV instead of studying? Recently, Xiaobian found that many parents reflected in the background that children are more and more difficult to manage. For example, children are addicted to watching TV, and it doesn’t work when they say it. They also asked Xiaobian how to educate rebellious children. They were angry and worried. Don’t worry, Xiaobian will teach you several ways to keep children away from TV – aversion therapy.

I. make children hate TV – hate therapy

1. Fixed sitting position

Ask the child to sit properly or with his hands behind his back. Ask the child to look at it as seriously as he does in school. Criticize him when he doesn’t sit well or drive a errand.

2. Specified time

Set a time to watch TV. You can’t do anything but watch TV in this time period. We should not violate the rules, be late or leave early. If you watch 40 minutes of TV, you can’t allow your child to leave his seat for 40 minutes. If you are thirsty, you can’t drink water or go to the bathroom.

3. Fixed content

He is only allowed to see the set you specified. He cannot change the set. If he does not like it, he is also required to see it. Learning is called forced learning.

4. Fixed progress

When you turn off the TV in 40 minutes, you can’t watch too much or too little, and then ask the child to describe it to you.

5, test him.

Ask the child to describe the content of watching TV to you. If you can’t say it or don’t say it correctly, criticize him. The first four items are general weapons, and the fifth one is the most powerful: you can’t just observe the first four items and look at them carefully. I have to test you. If you can’t say it, you have to accept criticism and write reviews. When a child watches TV, if any of the above five items is not done well, the parents will criticize him like a teacher. As long as the child can do it step by step for up to two weeks, more than 95% of the children will not want to watch TV. This method can drive the child crazy, and he would like to smash the TV. Because when you do, watching TV is not only a pleasure for him, but also a torture.

2. Don’t buy TV at home

If you’ve already bought a TV, don’t pay for CCTV from now on. Create an environment without TV, and the environment will unconsciously change your child’s behavior. When the child is in the middle class of kindergarten, he likes watching TV very much. When he has nothing to do after watching TV, he goes around. When we are not at home, we can’t control the child. There’s no way to let him not watch TV, but I pay the CCTV fee, and the decision is in my hands. The next year I gave up, there was no TV station, even if the child began to be unhappy, but there was no way. In the absence of TV, you accompany your child to read stories and books when he is bored. After a month or two, his interest in reading will rise, and he is gradually used to not watching TV. Since my son didn’t watch TV, his hyperactivity has been greatly reduced, and his personality has never been impatient before.

3. Parents should spend more time with their children, playing and chatting with them

General young parents teach their children a characteristic: as long as you don’t make trouble and finish the teacher’s homework, you can do anything, and I won’t interfere with you. If you ignore him, the child will feel lonely. He can’t be idle. He has to find something to do. TV is interesting, has characters, plots, sounds and colors. Gradually, children fall in love with TV, regard it as a friend, and regard online games as an emotional outlet. Therefore, parents must accompany their children more at home. If you spend more time with them, the probability of their children catching other bad habits will be less.

Teach and encourage children to play with their partners

In the place or community where you live, students often ask their children to go out and play. When there are partners to play, the probability of children watching TV will be greatly reduced. In the big city, the neighbors do not interact with each other, and they are only children. The communication circle of children is becoming narrower and narrower, which will undoubtedly increase the loneliness of children. Children will look for other things as the direction of play, and finally choose TV and Internet.

V. cultivate children’s interest in reading since childhood

If we observe carefully, we will find a very strange phenomenon: the students who like watching TV and playing computer games more often don’t like reading extra-curricular books and can’t concentrate on their studies. Children who like reading often don’t rely on TV. A child who likes reading said, “TV is a stupid box, which is watched by people with simple minds.” His words are not unreasonable, because when watching TV, people’s thinking always follows the plot of the play, so they seldom need to think. If you watch too much TV, your mind will become simple (like those who watch TV stock reviews and buy stocks, they often lose money). Reading books can lead to thinking. People who are serious about reading will get into the thoughts of books and enrich their brains and thoughts through books.

Although this may not work for every baby, but mothers still have to try it, in case it works! If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.