As the weather gets hotter, it’s time for mosquito bites. Mosquito is the most common insect in our daily life. Some insects, such as flying ant, tick and so on, are more harmful. If you are not careful, the baby will be bitten by these mosquitoes. Being bitten by mosquitoes can cause itching, small stings and even serious allergic reactions.

I. what’s the best way to prevent mosquitoes for babies

Generally speaking, when a baby is bitten by a mosquito, it will have these symptoms: a small red lump with small pricks in the middle; a local swelling in the bite area; itching and pain, etc. At this time, parents can take some first aid measures.

1. After the baby is bitten by the insect, if there is a thorn on the wound, you should use a hard card like your fingernail cap or credit card to scrape the thorn off. If you use your fingers or tweezers to pull out the thorns, you may squeeze more venom into your baby’s body.

2. Wash your baby’s wounds thoroughly with soap and water. You can use ice, calamine lotion or a mixture of baking soda and water to relieve swelling and itching.

3. Wet the cold water with towel to apply cold compress to the bite part. Put the wet towel in the refrigerator for a while and then apply cold compress, or press the bite part;

4. If the baby is bitten by a wasp, you can see the sting into the baby’s body. Parents can gently pick the sting out of the baby’s skin with their fingernails or credit cards or other similar cards to avoid the accumulation of toxins in the body. Do not squeeze the bite to prevent more toxins from entering the baby’s body. Cut the baby’s fingernails to avoid scratches caused by scratching.

II. Methods to prevent mosquito bites

1. Prevent mosquito bites in summer, take a bath frequently, keep skin fresh, and wipe off sweat in time when sweating.

2. At the peak of mosquito activity, it’s better to wear long sleeved clothes and socks, which can mask the smell of sweat.

3. use less soap and perfume. Mosquitoes like to eat honeydew, so the chance of being bitten by mosquitoes will increase if perfume, cosmetics, cream and other floral scent are used. However, not all fragrances attract mosquitoes. For example, because of sandalwood smell in the ancient dragon water commonly used by men, it can repel mosquitoes.

4. Let yourself have some odor that mosquitoes don’t like. Mosquitoes don’t like the smell of bay leaf, lemon grass oil, citronella and geraniol.

5. Eat more vegetables. Some vegetables contain odors that mosquitoes don’t like, such as vegetables with carotene and spicy vegetables like garlic. After people eat them, mosquitoes will stay away from you.

6. It’s better to wear light colored clothes for outdoor sports. Aedes (also known as spotted mosquito) prefers to stop on black clothes.

7. Try to wear socks. Many girls like to wear shoes barefoot, but they don’t know that after wearing socks, mosquitoes will feel that people’s skin humidity will be reduced, the volatiles on the skin surface will be reduced, and the bites will be reduced.

The delicate skin of the baby is Tang Seng’s meat in the eyes of all mosquitoes. Parents should take good care of it. If you are interested in children’s health habits, please go to this safety net for relevant information.