The delicate baby always feels like a fragile product. Even if you touch it, you have to be careful, let alone hold it up and bathe it. In this paper, we will talk about how to bathe the baby.

Precautions for baby bathing

Never leave the baby in the bath, even if it’s just a turn around, he may slip into the water and drown.

Don’t let the baby stand in the water, but you don’t help him – he will fall.

If your child starts jumping up and down – there’s no doubt that he’s very happy with a new skill. You must insist that he sit down quietly; he will fall easily without your help.

Cover the hot water tap with a towel, or he will burn.

When the baby is still in the water, don’t add hot water to it to avoid scalding him.

Don’t try to see if he can sit on his own. It’s easy for him to fall into the water and be scared. He even dare not take a bath for a while.

Don’t pull the plug when the baby is still in the bath. He was afraid of the current and the sound.

Don’t use talcum powder after bathing, it will dry the skin too much, and agglomerate in the wrinkles of the skin, causing inflammation and rash.

If you go to work during the day, try to make the best of your bath time, which may be a good time to play and relax with your children.

When holding your baby out of the bath, be sure to straighten your back and let the tension fall on your hips.

Be sure to have everything ready for bathing, drying and dressing at hand.

Put on the waterproof apron to prevent your clothes from getting wet, but also spread a large and soft towel on your thigh and a towel on your chest, so that you will feel warm and comfortable when you hug the baby after the bath.

A very small baby can’t regulate his body temperature very well, so try to reduce his naked time.

The baby bath solution added to water is better than soap.

Older babies can make towels hooded: they feel safer and more comfortable. If you warm this towel on the electric heater first, it will make him feel this way.

It’s best to put only about 10 cm deep water in each bath before you are used to bathing your baby.

Use a small towel pad in the baby bathtub to prevent the baby from slipping.

Slowly slide your baby into the water with one hand on his head and the other on his hips.

Start with his eyes and face, then wash his lower body.

If he likes water, let him relax in the water. If he doesn’t like it, wash it quickly.

Learn these baby bath knowledge, so that you can become a child care expert, easy for the baby bath without worry! If you want to know more about the health habits that children need to cultivate, please lock in the next continuous update of Baibai safety net!