Many parents think that watching TV can broaden their children’s horizons and increase their knowledge, but the content of children’s watching TV should be checked by their parents. They should try to choose some healthy and appropriate children’s programs to watch. Besides, how should parents let their children watch TV healthily?

I. choose the right TV theme for children

Parents must choose carefully when choosing the content of the program that their children watch. They should not choose the program that is not suitable for their children to watch, nor must they choose cartoons. Not all children love to watch cartoons.

2. Join in the discussion while watching TV. Don’t be dead

Parents and their children can talk about some topics when watching TV programs together. Don’t watch TV all the time. There will be a lot of truth and knowledge in the good choice of TV programs. Parents can take the opportunity to infuse knowledge into their children’s brains. Moreover, the truth taught at this time will be interesting to children, so that they can remember it faster.

3. It is necessary to control the time of children’s watching TV and not be happy with them

The time for children to watch TV must be arranged by the parents after thinking. The time period is very important for children’s education; especially the time for watching TV needs to be controlled, so as not to affect the spirit of the next day, and the children’s long physical stage is because they can’t watch TV for a long time.

IV. watching TV around the family is the most warm

Parents and children watch TV programs together. Such pictures are very warm. If parents are busy with their work, they should also take time to watch them with their children. In a relaxed environment, it is more conducive to the family to get along and enjoy themselves.

V. adverse effects of children watching TV

1. What are the adverse effects of watching TV on children’s growth

A. children who often watch TV do not know how to communicate, because TV always shows the mode you watch, which will not cause communication obstacles and inflexible brain over time, especially for children in their development period, it is better not to watch TV for too long;

B. There are many kinds of TV programs, including violent programs and vulgar ones. In recent years, unhealthy TV programs have emerged in an endless stream, which has a bad impact on children watching TV. Even if children don’t understand, they can’t understand, but their imitation ability is always the most powerful. If they do according to the performances on TV, what should be done about dangerous actions;

C. now programs with terrorist themes will also be broadcast in prime time, so the possibility of children’s seeing will increase. Such themes will have an impact on children’s psychology and endanger their mental health;

D. when the children are too young, they watch TV for a long time and return to this kind of eye disease, and their eyesight is damaged.

2. Watching TV will affect children’s diet, because the colorful world in TV will attract children, so that children’s eating time will be prolonged, appetite will also be reduced, and the growth and development of natural children will be affected.

3. In fact, the attraction of TV to children is understandable, especially for children who are beginning to understand. Even if they can’t understand it, they think the colorful world outside is very beautiful. Both sound and picture are factors that attract children’s love.

Experts also said that 2-3-year-old children would like to watch TV, and the love of advertising is better than TV programs, because it is relatively fast, novel and bold in color, and children always like things with bright colors. In fact, parents don’t need to be strict about it. It doesn’t matter if they watch TV for a while, but they need to pay attention that they can’t immerse more than half of the time in TV in a day, which is not conducive to children’s growth and development, and at the same time, children’s language ability will be affected.

Let baby watch TV healthy, only five steps! As long as parents keep a strict check, they can prevent their children from indulging in TV. If you want to know more about children’s home electric shock prevention, please go to this safety net to find relevant information.