Electronic organ is the most popular electronic keyboard instrument nowadays. It is the favorite of the combination of piano and modern technology. Electronic organ has beautiful and changeable voice, infinite rhythm and rich harmony, and various functions. It can be played by one person, light to imitate the solo of various instruments, heavy to be majestic as a large band. However, for children, it is very simple and easy to master. So what’s the advantage of learning electronic piano?

The benefits of training children to learn electronic piano

Music begins with prenatal education

This time is the first chance to develop your baby’s musical intelligence. Don’t miss the good chance to teach your baby music. Dorad schettler, a former emeritus professor at Eastman Conservatory of music, conducted a famous prenatal experiment. This experiment lasted for 14 years, and finally came to the conclusion: children in the music prenatal education group have more musical talent and better learning than those in the music prenatal education group. Therefore, timely music prenatal education has a significant impact on children’s cognitive development in music.

Develop the perception and comprehension of music

0-1 years old is to cultivate the baby’s perception and understanding of music. In particular, let the child listen to all the beautiful music and observe whether he has the talent of music or whether he is interested in music.

At this stage, children with musical talent show their sensitivity to music and are easily attracted by music. For example, when he hears a beautiful piece of music when he is crying, he will suddenly stop crying and turn his attention to the music. If your baby has this kind of interest in music, Congratulations, your baby may have a strong musical intelligence waiting to be developed!

Music rhythm

The 2-3-year-old stage is actually the extension and consolidation of the previous stage. At this time, the baby may have to dance with the music involuntarily. At this time, you need to specially cultivate the sense of rhythm of your child. The music you listen to for him can be rhythmic, which can more arouse your baby’s interest in music.

At the same time, you should also pay attention to whether the baby can accurately follow the rhythm of the music.

Melody and intonation

Let children learn electronic piano from childhood, can cultivate melody and intonation! 3-4 years old can let the child from simple rhythm practice to melody and intonation, and can let him contact the music score with the music. Learning electronic organ is a good choice in this period, because electronic organ plays an important role in rhythm, melody, intonation and cultivating children’s interest in music.

musical skill

The age of 4-6 is the most critical opportunity to develop children’s musical intelligence, because now you can let your baby learn some practical musical skills, such as playing piano, violin, Yangqin, guzheng, erhu and other instruments.

In a word, children have made music an important part of their spiritual life by playing electronic piano. They feel that music will give a person a profound meaning of life, which is the real purpose of learning piano. Baibai safety net’s knowledge about children’s home electric shock prevention is still being updated. Please lock in our relevant columns!